I will be attending FAMU without a car. Do I have to live walking distance from campus?

So, you are attending a brand new University without a vehicle by your side. Although this may seem foreign for most, many students actually attend state Universities without the luxury of having their own transportation by their side.

Tallahassee is a smaller city known for its historical attributes and studious endeavors. With that being said, one can safely bet that this town has built accommodations around its heavy student population.

Not having a vehicle can, at first glance, leave you to feel limited or restricted to the confinements of campus life. However, there are definitely added benefits to living closer to campus.

With over 12,000 students enrolled in the college, Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University is conveniently located in the centralized entertainment district of Tallahassee. This area, more commonly populated with eager students, allow its residents to advantageously explore the surroundings of the city. Just near FAMU are plenty of FAMU apartments that are walking distance from bars, shopping, and dinning. So, in the event that you are forced to stay near campus, do not stress about the possibilities of having nothing to do.

Living near or on campus can undoubtedly have a positive influence on your. Having to walk or bike around campus can not only act as a growing experience to broaden your college career, but you will likely meet new friends out on the campus streets and find the more popular campus hangouts. Living in apartments near FAMU just outside campus can be an enriching and incomparable experience. Students living on or seconds from campus normally become more involved in their campus communities.

If you still find the FAMU campus does not offer enough entertainment to fit your needs, you can also look for apartments near FAMU that provide its residence with plenty of luxury. These amenities can come with pools, volleyball areas, business centers, car washing areas and even tanning beds. Tallahassee has a plethora of inventory when it comes to home shopping. Fining a unit that meets your criteria will not be a problem in this city.

If you are set on living further from campus, this is also another viable option. The city of Tallahassee provides their students with complimentary rides on the StarMetro provided that you have your student ID. The Star Metro will not only get you to and from school, but it also comes with a bike rack where you can stash your wheels to avoid walking after you have reached your destination. The bus route goes throughout the FAMU campus and even further away to areas close to Florida State, which allow you the flexibility to enjoy dual entertainment at both campuses.

With access to the bus route, some students with limited transportation can live close to FSU and surrounding areas. This is especially great for those students with friends at other colleges or for those who are fixated upon college football. DOak Campbell Stadium is just minutes from N Monroe Street which is conveniently a stop on the bus route.

Not having a vehicle will not prevent you from being able to choose a desired location when it comes to searching for possible homes. Living on campus may be more convenient. However, living further from school may allow you to enjoy outside experiences.

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