How Do I Make My Tallahassee Apartment Eco-Friendly?

Being as conscientious to the environment as possible is without a doubt increasing in popularity, and luckily there are Tallahassee apartments that have decided to be a part of this growing trend. There are quite a few options to consider when looking for a green apartment. Not only is the unit itself important, what you can bring to your home as a renter to lower your carbon footprint is important as well.

What to Look For In an Apartment

The easiest way to find an eco-friendly apartment in Tallahassee is through our website. Simply go to the Rent Tally homepage, scroll down to the "Search for Apartments By" section, click on "Most Frequent", and then click on "Green Apartments". This will take you to a large list of apartments that put forth green efforts. This can include anything from paper and plastic recycling, to natural landscaping, to low energy lighting.

Another amenity to consider that is often overlooked is ceiling fans. It gets hot in Florida, seriously hot, and for most of the year temperatures are well over 75 degrees. Even in the northern part of the state, your energy bill will be greatly affected by how often your air conditioner is running. Luckily, having an apartment with ceiling fans can take some stress off of your air conditioner and thus lower your bill. You can actually search for apartments that have ceiling fans on RentTally! Be sure to add "ceiling fans" to your search to make sure your apartment includes this feature.

Now that the inside of your apartment is green, have you considered taking it one step further and leaving your car behind? If you are willing to park the car and take the bus to work, you can find apartments near public transportation that will make this transition easy. Taking the bus just one day a week to run errands or commute to your job doesn't take much effort and will save you money on fuel cost.

What You Can Add To Your Apartment

There are so many ways you can make your apartment even greener, and often times you will end up saving money. These can range in cost, but there are definitely options that fit every budget. For example, a low-flow shower head is something you can buy, easily install yourself, and then take with you when you leave (just make sure to save the old one and put it back before moving out). Also, when a light bulb burns out, instead of buying an incandescent bulb from the store, replace it with an LED or CFL bulb. These will lower your energy bill and last longer than a standard light bulb. For more ideas, try searching online and you will find tons of ideas like these. Good luck on your search, and kudos for wanting to find an eco-friendly apartment! 

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