I love hosting dinner parties in my home for my friends. What kind of place should I look for in an apartment near FSU?

Hosting dinner parties for your friends in your apartment near FSU is an awesome way to stay social in the hustle and bustle of student and professional lifestyle. Naturally, you need a living space that would comfortably accommodate your events and your guests. There are a few different apartment styles and apartment features that may be perfect for periodically hosting guests in your home and Tallahassee has plenty of options.

Luxury Apartments

The first type of apartment to consider would be a luxury apartment. A luxury apartment in Tallahassee would still give you all the things you want in an apartment, plus often the option to tailor it more to fit your particular lifestyle. A luxury apartment is more spacious for you and your guests and will have the option for upgraded kitchen appliances. The space will come in handy for a larger dining table in your dining area, while the upgraded kitchen appliances will help accommodate cooking for a larger group and possibly food setup or display while you entertain. 

Garden Style

A garden style apartment is a little different from the typical apartment. Surrounded by garden or courtyard, or with direct access to a backyard, a garden style apartment could help you create the perfect outdoor ambiance for your dinner parties. Residents are often encouraged to use the outdoor areas for social purposes in garden style apartments. Setting up a dinner party outdoors but still just feet away from your home might be ideal for a spring or summer gathering. However, if your garden style apartment is not the kind that is attached to a private backyard, you may also be sharing the outdoor space with neighbors on any given day as the gardens and courtyards are used as communal spaces. If sharing the space with the neighborhood doesn't bother you, you're right on target for an awesome outdoor dinner party. However, if privacy is more of what you're looking for, you may want to consider a different option.

Apartment Patios

Having outdoor space can be wonderful when you're entertaining friends! The outdoor area on your apartment with a patio or balcony will provide extra seating and square footage for you and your guests to spread out. You might consider setting up an appetizer buffet or bar cart on your apartment patio to improve the flow of your dinner party. If the weather is cool, you also might consider leaving the patio door open to keep guests who are enjoying the outdoors still connected with the rest of the dinner party.

Being a student and trying to maintain a social life while living in an apartment with roommates can be both stressful and fun! Hopefully you find the perfect place for you in Tallahassee that fits your dinner party desires. For tips on throwing a dinner party in an apartment, check out this article posted at The Kitchn. Happy dinner partying!

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