What is downtown like?

Tallahassee, meaning "land of the old fields,' is known as Florida's capital city. Loaded with antebellum homes, Spanish moss-draped oaks, and historic churches, Tallahassee still retains the ‘Old South' feeling within its city limits.

Although the downtown region is a short drive from the collegiate dormitories, the city's high volume of youths injects a vibrant energy into the downtown's stream of commerce that is otherwise absent in most other cities in Florida. However, unlike most other cities, Downtown is not the heart of Tallahassee. Although downtown is the shared nucleus amongst the multiple districts within Tallahassee, the majority of activity happens in the Southwest part of town, where Florida State University and FAMU reside. On the contrary, there are several festivities held within downtown throughout the year. These include the Jazz and Blues festival, North Florida Fair, and the Southern Shakespeare Festival

However, like most downtown areas of each distinct city, Tallahassee's business community thrives in this area. Downtown's principal place of business lies in both government and education. Being an important seat for the town, these two state-run entities almost go hand in hand with one another.

Tallahassee, inclusive of its downtown district, is slightly different from the rest of Florida you may have experience. Unlike the state's notorious beach coasts and swampy flat lands, Tallahassee invokes a hilly terrain. Additionally, much to a native Floridian's dismay, downtown Tallahassee also experiences distinct seasons. Although a resident in this area may not experience snow, one will be required to bundle up during the winter seasons when temperatures can often fall below freezing point on some occasions.

Living in downtown is not exponentially different from living in neighboring communities within Tallahassee. However, there are several added benefits when living in Tallahassee apartments downtown. For starters, floor plans here are much more luxurious, updated and newer than in other areas. Here, residents can enjoy rooftop lounges, street parking, and sleek unit designs. There are also several reputable dinning areas and bars that are a favorite amongst happy hour goers and business professionals anxious to celebrate their weekends off of work.

Tallahassee apartments downtown do come at a cost. Due to the real estate being newly built and modernized, rent prices are slightly higher than other locations. Although, communities in downtown do allow you to walk or take a very short commute to work and provide residents the luxury of easy living.

If you are moving to downtown with a pet, this may not be an ideal location for you. There are plenty of bricked paved pathways near Tallahassee apartments where you can go for a stroll with your pal. However, grassy areas are less limited and there may be stricter pet restrictions on each unit. Again, there are communities just outside of downtown that are more accommodating to suburban living.

Overall, living in the downtown district of Tallahassee will not infuse a spirit of the stereotypical metropolitan living within you. Rather, it will feel more laid back with few elements of a downtown thrive. However, this neighborhood is a great moderate mix of suburban and city living.

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