Are there quiet places to live near TSC?

Undoubtedly, Tallahassee is well known for its streaming mantra of collegiate conundrums. Thriving on its scouring students all seeking stomping sites for their boisterous behaviors, many often travel to the area with open minds and hunger for adventure.

With several dominate schools in the city, it comes to no surprise that the city's evolving elements absorb nearly all details of student affairs. Tallahassee has become the centralized district for most Florida students. From student dive bars to Doak Campbell stadium, those who seek a quiet place in town may have one minor complaint to register with the Tallahassee generation—finding a quiet home.

Tallahassee State College is located in the Southwest district of the city. Although this district is exponentially close to campus, it may see counterproductive for you to live in this area, if you are hoping to find TSC apartments located in a more tranquil part of town. However, Tallahassee does have some quiet neighborhoods close to the campus area.

If you are attracted towards overgrown trees, historic arts and friendly neighborhoods, Northeast Tallahassee may be the ideal home for your. Northeast Tallahassee has vetted the likes of families, graduates, and retirees. This district is one of the city's oldest neighborhoods in Tallahassee, instilling stability in its residents. There are several local boutiques in the area as well as a golf course, hiking trails, and a theatre. TSC apartments in Northeast Tallahassee are identified as more upscale yet affordable. Homes in this area are definitely embedded in a sense of serenity. However, you will not find very many students in this area.

Northwest Tallahassee is another community built on the outskirts of entertainment. Closer to dinning and shopping, apartments near TSC in this area are just outside the downtown and Capitol districts. This part of town is generally populated with an older generation. The setting in Northwest Tally is more rural in comparison to the city's other neighboring districts. However, the commonality of the community is quiet laid back, friendly and inviting. Properties here tend to range from humble to luxury. Lake Talquin is located Justin within these borders. This park allows residents to enjoy a broad scope of outdoor activities such as biking, jogging, fishing and hiking. The streets here, unlike the University district of the city, are much calmer. However, keep in mind that this neighborhood is farther away from campus and there may be less students living in this community.

Another viable option to consider when searching for quiet homes to call your own, may be near Campbell pond. Surrounded by a bird sanctuary, this place is evidentiary of tranquility. The city bus regularly stops near the neighborhoods surrounding the pond, which is an added benefit for students looking for a convenient and free ride to class. This area is probably one of the quietest districts of town. However, communities in this area can be higher priced. Keep in mind that there are hidden neighborhoods within the borders of Tallahassee. Although they may not be located within walking distance of campus, there are a handful of location that offers peaceful living outside of the University walls.

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