I have a dog. Are there any pet-friendly areas around TCC apartments?

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Torchlight Townhomes is a pet-friendly complex that features plenty of open fields for you and your dog to enjoy!

There are plenty of parks and pet-friendly areas around the apartments near TCC. If you've just moved to the Tallahassee area and you're looking for a place to play with your furry companion and get some exercise, then you've got a ton of great options! 

Off-Leash Dog Parks near Tallahassee Community College

Tom Brown Park 

Due to its convenient location, which isn't too far from TCC apartments, Tom Brown Park is one of the most popular parks in the Tallahassee! With three hiking trails, a huge fenced-in dog park, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, it's easy to see why this park is a favorite. Located roughly 25 minutes from Tallahassee Community College, Tom Brown is a 255-acre city park with plenty of space for dogs of all sizes. 

If you prefer to keep your dog on a leash, there are a ton of fun activities available to you, including 24-hole disc golf, lakeside hiking trails, and a wide array of soccer fields. 

San Luis Mission Park

If you're looking for a lightly wooded area near TCC apartments with fishing, hiking trails, and a gorgeous boardwalk, San Luis Mission Park is one for the books! The wooded property meanders through a hiking trail to a completely fenced-in dog park where your fluffy friend can wander freely! If you're visiting on a rainy day, be sure to bring towels to clean and dry your dog since the park is mostly comprised of sand with few grassy areas. 

Aside from the park itself, San Luis Mission Park is comprised of many different hiking trails. However, your dog must remain leashed during hikes. 

Leash-Friendly Dog Parks near Tallahassee Community College

Lake Ella 

For a picturesque day by the water with your pup, there is no better choice than Lake Ella. Conveniently located in the Midtown area of Tallahassee, barely 20 minutes away from the apartments near TCC, Lake Ella welcomes you to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the lake and the chance to relax under a gazebo, park benches, and picnic tables. While this is a picture-perfect spot to take your dog, be careful. The area is home to ducks, geese, and other birds that might intimidate your dog, or inspire them to run off. 

Dorothy B. Oven Park 

Dorothy B. Oven Park is a little far from the apartments near TCC, but in all honesty, it's worth the drive. Enjoy six acres of gardens filled with all types of flowers and fauna, and a mixture of paved and unpaved trails. It's a fantastic place to take your dog for a walk among gorgeous scenery, or just to relax with your pup for an afternoon picnic. This park has so many amenities for a perfect afternoon. 

Many of the TCC apartments are pet-friendly and some have a dog park in the complex, so you won't have to wander too far to give your pup some exercise! Be sure to give all of these options a try before you pick your favorite dog park to enjoy with your furry best friend.
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