What tips do you have for throwing a dinner party in my small apartment in Tallahassee?

It may feel like an impossible task to have a dinner party when you live in small space, but with a little preparation you can have a wonderful evening in your Tallahassee apartment .

Create spaces with a purpose

Create areas for better flow and purpose. Try not to have everything in one space where your guests are forced to squeeze past each other. Even if your apartment is small it doesn't need to feel like it. If you have a table outside of the kitchen for drinks, then people can talk and mingle while getting a drink instead of clogging up the kitchen while you're putting the finishing touches on dinner. Consider moving the furniture around just for the evening. A small dining room may not be able to accommodate a large group, but simply moving the table into the living room may allow for everyone to comfortably sit and relax at the table. Think about how you want the evening to go and create places for it.

Even if you don't rearrange the furniture, you can temporarily declutter a room by removing a few items and storing them somewhere else for the evening. This can give your guests a little breathing room.

If you are having a party in winter, plan for a place for your guests to leave their jackets and scarves as they come in away from the party so it doesn't feel more cramped.

Take it outside

If your Tallahassee apartment has a patio or balcony, it is a great space to use. If the weather is nice, setting up the dining table outside can make it a fun or romantic evening under the stars. This instantly makes your apartment seem bigger and adds another element to an evening with friends. Even if it is small, a couple of chairs, a table and a few votive candles or twinkle lights can be a beautiful spot for guests to mingle.

Put your guests to work

Don't feel like you have to do everything in order for your party to be perfect. If guests offer to help, let them. Perhaps you can have a guest at the drink station preparing the refreshments. This gives you a chance to take care of other things. Your guests will not mind being given a job and may even give them a chance to break the ice with the other guests or show off their skills.

Consider making it a buffet

Making a buffet-style area will give you the space you need for food but you won't have to fit everyone around a table. This is a great option if you don't have enough seats for everyone to sit around the table.

Keep it simple

The menu doesn't have to be a seven course meal . Having a simple menu will allow you to enjoy the party with your guests instead of working the whole evening and keep the mess to a minimum.

Keep these tips in mind and you will have a great dinner with friends in your Tallahassee apartment!

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