Are there quiet neighborhoods in Tallahassee?

Are you searching for Tallahassee apartments in a quiet setting? With no surprise, Tallahassee is known for its thriving student regions. Hosting two large Universities in town, it is no wonder why Tallahassee has become the centralized city for student living. Although it may seem as though students compromise the majority of the capital city, there are many quiet suburbs that make a perfect home for those who enjoy tranquility.

Some of Tally's oldest and most reputable neighborhoods still invoke the peaceful and original Tallahassee tradition that expels the city's historic essence. If overgrown trees, historic arts and quaint neighborhoods are traits you look for when searching for Tallahassee apartments, then Northeast Tally may be perfectly suited for you. As mentioned, the town's older neighborhoods are less engulfed with students and more comprised of families and graduates. This region is classified as more upscale then its suburb counterparts. The Northeast district is filled with hiking trails, a golf course, boutiques and a theatre. When looking for apartments in Tallahassee in this area, start your search for units near Thomasville Road.

If you are hoping to be closer to entertainment and less remote, trying looking for communities near the Northwest neighborhoods. Homes in this area are within a minute of shopping and dinning. This community is just outside the Capital of the city and just near downtown Tally. Here, Homes are set in a more rural setting and offers a quiet atmosphere near convenience of an urban town. Calm streets surround the neighborhood and this area is just a short drive to local shopping, finning and the city's schools. Lake Talquin is located in the heart of Northwest Tally, allowing those who love the outdoors to take full advantage of the recreational site. If this location sounds accommodating, start your searching by looking at properties on Tharpe Street or Tower Road.

Lakewood is another popular neighborhood known for its calmer environment. This community border Campbell pound, which hosts a bird sanctuary. This is arguably one of the quietest settings to reside in. Southwood, similar to Lakewood, is another inviting community surrounded by serenity. Know more as a "small town" this suburb has higher-end homes and is filled with more families than students.

If you are searching for an area with a younger demographic, Midtown tends to have an array of affordable Tallahassee apartments to choose from. Although this area may not be as quiet as the previously mentioned areas, there is a mix of suburb and urban regions within the neighborhood. At night, this district, however, does tend to become infused with students as there is a number of bars and shops to visit.

Overall, there are a handful of quiet neighborhoods to visit when looking for a quiet and calmer location to live in. Although these communities may be just a few minutes from the distinct student area, the town's older and reputable environment will ensure a quaint and quiet setting.


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