I just got a new car and I want to take care of it often. Are there any affordable car wash places near TCC apartments?

Rain or shine, taking care of a vehicle is one of the most underrated and important things you can do to prevent chipping and fading on the exterior of your car. If you live in TCC off campus housing, there are many car wash service places close by that will allow you to take care of your car for a reasonable price. Whether you need a basic clean, access to vacuums for the inside of your car, detailing, or tire cleaning, you can find car wash places around apartments near TCC that can offer all these services.

An important thing to consider when going in for a car wash is that it might seem like a large investment to sign up for a car wash membership, but it can save you money over time to go more often. If you take your car to a car wash and pay a flat fee every time you go, it will be more expensive.

Benefits to getting car washes often include the exterior paint of your car lasting longer, increased resale value when your care is kept in prime condition and the increased convenience of a quick car wash instead of doing it all yourself.

Car Washes Close to Apartments Near TCC:

Teen Challenge Carwash & Detail Shop

The great thing about this car wash organization is that it is dedicated to helping male addicts recover from their addictions. They are a non-profit organization helping adult males come back into society by providing them with a job and the opportunity to provide excellent car washing and detailing services for the general public. Not only do they provide many quality services, but they are a more affordable option for students living at TCC apartments.

You can get your car well taken care of and also support a great cause. It can't get much better than that!

Take Your Car to Whistle Express Car Wash 

Getting a Fast Pass Membership at Whistle Express won't be the cheapest option for your wallet, but it will pay off in the long run. Once you get a membership you can purchase extra packages like wax treatment for the outside of your car, and wheel cleaning as well. Getting a cheap apartment might allow you to afford a membership to keep your car in prime condition. Unlimited car washes every month will save you money over time and prevent any damage from happening to the exterior of your car at apartments near TCC.

Plus, all the materials they use to wash your car are biodegradable, perfect for preserving the look and shine of a new paint job!

Experience a Short Drive to Super Suds Car Wash

Goodwill's Super Suds car wash will offer you the chance to pick from multiple car wash services and packages. Whether you need a run-of-the-mill wash or something more intense, Super Suds is another affordable option. A huge reason to get your car washed at Super Suds is they have a frequent washer rewards app that allows you to earn points for every wash you get. If you live in a 3-bedroom apartment with other people, you guys can share the same rewards account especially if you are all trying to save money on car wash services.

If you have a car and want to save money on washing services, you can get an apartment with roommate matching that will allow you to figure out a way to split car wash services with other roommates. I suggest offering rides in your car in exchange for money to split a car wash membership, so everyone can contribute financially.

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