I have applied for Spring semester but haven’t heard back. Could I cancel my lease if I do not get in?

Before deciding to sign your lease when looking for FAMU apartments, you may want to consider whether or not your lease may be terminated or negotiable if having to cancel your lease. Prior to moving in, you should explain your circumstance to your leasing staff. You may just be able to put a deposit down in order to secure a potential living space until you hear back from the school. At that time, you may be able to go forward with your lease or cancel you option to stay with the community. Keep in mind you may have to forgo your deposit and application fees. However, you may consider still moving into your new place and signing a semester lease. You can get a feel for the college area and determine if you would want to apply again for the following semester. You can always consider taking online classes at the local community college. Tallahassee is a town centered around academic focus. There are plenty are alternatives to consider if one of your plans does not work out accordingly. Again, please be sure that you speak to a manager or leasing agent. It might be a regulation to the area that you are a student in order to continue living in that specific place.

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