Can I lease an apartment for more than a year?

Most apartments traditionally offer yearly leases to their average resident. In some cases, living communities will have the option to sign month to month or even semester long leases in order to meet the needs of the student population demands. Unfortunately, the general rule provides no more than a year lease. However, as you approach your end of the year lease, you normally have the right to renew your lease option at that point in order to extend your stay. In some instances, you can continue living in FSU apartments on a month-to-month basis after living through your yearly lease as a convenient option. It is always best to check with your property manager in order to insure that you are compliant with the community regulations. If you are under unusual circumstance that encourages you to find a new home that provides you the option to sign for a longer lease, you can always speak with your leasing agent or office staff to see if they can accommodate to your request. Often times, the leasing staff will work with you.

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