My new apartments near FAMU have a courtesy patrol, what does this mean?

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There are many apartments near FAMU, and apartments in Tallahassee, that have a courtesy patrol officer living onsite. What this means is that a police officer from the jurisdiction of your apartment rents a unit at your community for a discounted price or free. In exchange, he resides at these apartments near FAMU and gives residents a peace of mind. While no community can promise safety, since crime can happen in any area of the city, many people may feel comforted knowing that help is just a doorbell ring away.

Another Watchful Eye

Apartments near FAMU with a courtesy patrol officer are not just something you would find at a luxury apartment in the city. Many smaller communities offer this service to their residents to help ease their minds when signing a lease. Most courtesy patrol officers will become engrained in the everyday culture of the community and will begin to know the neighbors and befriend them.

Another benefit of having a courtesy patrol officer living at you community is that their police cruiser is constantly visible at all hours of the day and night in your neighborhood. Some residents may see this as a deterrent for anyone that is not supposed to be in their community. Others may see it as a way to keep their community a bit quieter than if no police vehicle were there at all.
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Working With The Police

It is unfortunate if a police officer should ever have to come to your apartments near FAMU, but with a courtesy patrol officer residing a couple of building down, the response time is beyond fast. They will be able to solve your issues and problems much faster than if you had to call the local police. While they would try to get there as fast as they could to help you with your problem, a courtesy patrol officer could start working on what needed to be solved as soon as they walked out their door.

Apartments near FAMU with courtesy patrol officers give their residents a great feeling that the officer that resides there has a sense of ownership. Since this police officer lives in the same community, he or she will feel this sense of ownership because they're protecting their own neighbors. Some courtesy patrol officers have families too. They care about the community just as much as any resident and that will show in their service.

If your apartments near FAMU do not offer a courtesy patrol officer, be sure to have the closet local police location and contact information on hand, just in case a need should ever arise. As stated earlier, while no service that a community offers, such as a courtesy patrol officer, can guarantee a crime free community, this little added bonus may help ease the minds of potential renters interested in apartments near FAMU. Crime has no address, but with a courtesy patrol officer, the response time to alleviate any issues is a huge perk for many renters. 


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