Where are the best places to live with a roommate?

The city of Tallahassee is populated with thousands upon thousands of students. Housing two of the state's most popular universities, this town has become the central station for student living. With the ever-increasing visitation of students, Tallahassee's surrounding neighborhoods have morphed into a collegiate friendly community.

The good news is, virtually everywhere in Tallahassee is practically built with the company of two or more in mind. However, when searching for FAMU apartments that are conducive to roommate living, you probably want to consider a few factors.


When living with a roommate your first anticipatory defense lies in the perimeters of space. Not having enough space in your unit has the potential to become a living nightmare if you are not living with someone exactly like yourself, which is probably highly unlikely. When searching for FAMU apartments, make sure you check out the floor plans. Some traditional units will come with only one bedroom getting to enjoy a master bedroom atmosphere with their own private bathroom and larger bedroom square footage. Although this may be suitable for some, many students find that they prefer to have their own private bathroom in each of their bedrooms. In the FAMU area, you will find that many student communities do just that. Each room has their own large closet and bathroom. The only shared areas are the common spaces such as a living room, kitchen and laundry facility.


Although there are options for one-bedroom units, sharing a floor plan with a roommate can be quite advantageous. Many properties offer rental amount per room as opposed to a shared flat rent. This means monthly rent can be of half the price then living on your own!


The best areas to find apartments near FAMU that compliment roommate living are right near the FAMU and FSU campuses. These areas are more preferable for students who prefer to have their own privacy when living with others. These communities are cheaper, closer to campus, filled with amenities and surrounded by entertainment. Of course you can find housing in downtown and near by areas, but it may be more expensive.

Another option is living outside of campus. It will be more peaceful and have more parking. Although, keep in mind that being further from campus may push you to experience some traffic.

If you are going to FAMU, you can consider on campus housing as well. However, you may be more limited with floor plan options. A benefit to this is that you will be walking distance to class. However, there are communities within walking distance to campus as well that may afford you the luxury to be more flexible with your wants and preferences.

When looking for a great place to call a shared home, definitely check out the areas closest to campus first. These areas are perfectly suited for students and those hoping to cut down their rent by sharing their space. However, keep in mind the different types of units that are offered. That way, you can choose the best option for you.

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