Where should I live to live near the mall?

Governor's Square Mall is Tallahassee prime location for shopping, dinning and entertainment. This two-story mall has a variety of retail stores ranging from Macy's to Abercrombie & Fitch, forever21, Loft, MAC cosmetics and Finish Line. Located on Apalachee Parkway, Governor's Square is a convenient please to stop and shop.

If living by the mall is of importance to you, note that there are plenty of Tallahassee apartments near the shopping district of the city. Your easiest way to begin your search is to start by search for Tallahassee apartments near Apalachee Parkway.

Apalachee Parkway is less than a five minute drive from Southeast Tallahassee. The Southeast Tallahassee district is most commonly known as the ‘FSU' area. Circling the Florida State campus, this area is flooded with student-friendly communities. Here, you will find much cheaper living, handfuls of bars and restaurants and endless entertainment. However, keep in mind that the majority of residents who live in this area are students. With that being said, you can expect many properties to provide their students with the best of amenities such as car washing areas, tanning beds, twenty-four hour fitness centers and modern business and study rooms.

Running parallel to Apalachee is E Tennessee St. Living near this street allows residents to have easy access to Lafayette Park. Lafayette Park is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. Many take their dogs for long walks or enjoy jogs throughout the fielded areas. Directly closing In the park is Thomasville Rd. Just a five minute drive to Governor's Square mall, apartments near Tallahassee in Thomasville Rd are more laid back than the Southeast district of the city. Homes in this area are nicely settled in a suburbia setting with lots of space and parking. Many graduates and families tend to settle down in this Northeast district of Tallahassee.

Park Avenue is a little further than the Southeast and Northeast districts of Tallahassee. However, this is a more historic area of the city and can offer unique entities within your home. Park Avenue is known for its brick pathways and living history. Here, you can find 100 year old homes and tons of quite park space. However, units in this area can fluctuate in pricing. Expect to pay more here than the Florida State neighborhood.

South Monroe is another street just minutes from the shopping district. There are plenty of properties on this street to choose from! South Monroe is bordered by the FAMU and FSU neighborhoods. However, there are also plenty of quite places similar to the Thomasville community. For more tranquil living areas near Monroe, look for units near E Magnolia, the Capital City Country Club or Myers Park.

Really, no matter where you travel in Tallahassee, you will only be a short drive away. Because the town is so small in proximity, commuting to and from specific locations isn't as much of a chore as it in is larger Florida cities. However, to stay within walking distance or a very short drive to the mall, I would recommend staying near the Southeast and Northeast districts of Tallahassee. Each area has a distinct benefit to offer its residents.

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