I’d love to get a dog, but are the apartments in Tallahassee dog-friendly?

I have two pups of my own at home, so I know from experience the many joys (and a few annoyances) of being a dog owner. Historically, one of those annoyances would have been finding an apartment that suited both you and your dog, but not today!

If you take a look at the site, you'll find many dog-friendly Tallahassee apartments that could be the perfect fit for both of you. Before deciding on one, I recommend taking the following steps:

To be sure you'll both be in "puppy love" with each other and your new place.

  • Confirm the rules and regulations. There are several options for pet-friendly apartments in Tallahassee, but you'll want to check the fine print beyond that. There are likely regulations on the size and/or breed of dog that you can have in your apartment. Make sure that you have gone through your lease closely so that you aren't caught by surprise with rules about a dog you've already fallen in love with. I would also double check with the team there - they'll be able to clarify any concerns, so you can be confident that you are in the clear to bring home your new best friend.

  • Save some extra money. There are plenty of obvious costs that come with getting a dog, such as a leash and food, that you've probably already considered. (If not, this is a great guide for new dog owners on what your first purchases should be.) However, there are a few, more "hidden", fees to consider as well. You will have to make sure your dog's shot record is updated, and you will likely need to pay a pet deposit for your Tallahassee apartment before they can live with you. This benefits your community, but these fees can catch you off guard if you didn't have them budgeted for already.

  • Find the perfect dog for your perfect apartment. You already confirmed your Tallahassee apartment allows dogs, but what other amenities does your place have that make it the best apartment for you and your pup? Do they have a dog park or play area? If not, do you live near one of Tallahassee's dog parks (here are just a few dog-friendly parks in the area) so your dog can run around? If your apartment is on the smaller side and/or you don't have easy access to a big play area for your pup, take that into consideration when choosing your dog. You want to make sure you've accounted for your amenities so everyone is happy with the living situation; I recommend connecting with the team at Leon County Humane Society to discuss the type of dog that makes sense for you.

  • Know that it'll be "ruff" to start. When you bring your dog home, you'll both be in a new situation, and that brings bumps with it. Your dog may be stressed or scared at first, and they may not treat your apartment with care at the beginning as they get used to their new home. (Our puppy ate quite a bit of carpet at our old apartment.) This can seem like the end of the world, but don't fret.

Your pup will settle into life in Tallahassee apartments soon enough, and you'll both be in "puppy love" with your home together. Best of luck to you and your future pup!
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