Is there anywhere I can shop, study, and party all in the same place near my FSU apartment?

Shopping, studying, and partying: The three main food groups of college living. Any college student's ideal neighborhood would cater to these three needs, and we are constantly striving to find that perfect spot that achieves this. It can be even harder to find a place like that for those of us who don't have reliable transportation and need an apartment within walking distance to FSU.

Luckily for those of us that attend Florida State University, they've invented such a place. And it just so happens to be no more than twenty feed off of Florida State's campus.

CollegeTown District is known for its lexicon of activities; its friendly shops, bustling bars, and plenty of places to dance on any Friday night. Situated just steps from Doak Campbell Stadium, CollegeTown is known to be the heart of game days, dining, entertainment, and year-round festivities. Formerly a heavy industrial zone, CollegeTown has transformed in the last few years into a premier district for college students and locals alike.

CollegeTown District offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom luxury apartments located just steps from the campus of Florida State University. With amenities that include free 24-hour fitness centers, private parking, pet-friendly spaces, and basically living in the school's backyard, these FSU apartments provide a welcoming environment in the city's most bustling district.

Need a place to grab lunch? CollegeTown District offers a wide variety of tasty restaurants for all. There's the breakfast boutique of Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., the bustling Cajun spot of Coosh's Bayou Rouge, and the vegan sanctuary of Vale Food Co. – and that's just to name a few. Whatever you happen to be craving in those few moments between class or in the middle of studying or partying, CollegeTown has a large selection to choose from at any point of the day.

Are you of legal drinking age and looking for a hot new bar? CollegeTown holds the two most popular bars in all of Tallahassee, the sisters Madison Social and Township. Here, college students and locals alike gather to chat over a few beers and enjoy some friendly games of Giant Jenga, or else watch the latest football game, or just sit back and relax on their patio, watching passersby. Want a place to party on a Friday night instead? On the roof of Madison Social is Recess, the popping day and nightclub overlooking Doak Campbell Stadium and the beauty of CollegeTown.

Itching for a place to window shop or look for that perfect present? The roads of CollegeTown hold the cutest, most perfect boutiques to find the next best outfit, look for your next game-day shirt, or just take your time window shopping. With the adorable aesthetic of Magda's, the upbeat school spirit of Barefoot Campus Outfitter, and the hipster vibes of Urban Outfitters, there is no such thing as a dull shop for your eye to land on.

If you are looking for apartments near FSU and want a bustling, beautiful spot for all your social needs, CollegeTown offers anything you could imagine needing right in your backyard, and you only have to walk twenty steps to get to class! These FSU apartments are a tad on the pricier side than if you were to choose somewhere further from campus, but with the convenience of having everything all in one place and with all the extra adventures at your fingertips, it is well worth it.

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