How Can I Pet Proof My Tallahassee Apartment?

Making Your Tallahassee Apartment Fit for Man's Best Friend

Let's face it, for us animal lovers no home is really complete without the pitter patter of paws, a wagging tail and a bit of fur here and there. We gladly (mostly) accept and expect slobbery kisses, full litter boxes and toys scattered throughout every room. Why? Because it's well worth it in exchange for the love we receive from our loyal companions. However, there are certain parts of pet ownership that are less than enjoyable, like scratches on the furniture, urine-marking and chewing. If the thought of potty training makes you cringe or if you fear your favorite pair of shoes may be obliterated by a restless puppy, worry not, there are steps you can take to pet proof your home and prevent any unwanted behaviors.

Tips for Pet-friendly Apartment Living

  • Scratching is instinctual for cats, as it allows them to leave their scent and sharpen their claws. To prevent unwanted claw marks on your couches, carpet and even walls, you'll want to invest in a scratching post. This doesn't need to be anything fancy, but Boots should be able to easily access it at any time.

  • If you plan on keeping your fur babies off the kitchen counters or living room furniture, try aluminum foil training. Both cats and dogs are intimated by the slick feel and loud noise of aluminum foil. Note this trick is only good while you're at home. When the cats away, the mice will play. Your pet may get brave and try to shred their shiny enemy – which could lead to dangerous digestive issues.

  • Kennel train your puppy until they get the hang of the whole going potty outside thing. More often than not they won't want to soil their bed, which will help them acclimate to their new potty procedures. Dogs also view their crate as a safe place where they feel comfortable and can unwind.

  • Pheromone sprays can help relieve anxiety and soothe your pet, which reduces undesirable behaviors like marking and scratching. You can find pet-friendly pheromones in a variety of forms including sprays, collars and even wipes. Pheromones are species specific, so be sure to do some research to determine which product is best for your pet. 

  • You can easily prevent accidents in the house by walking Spot several times a day. These walks will also help release bottled up energy that may otherwise result in unwanted behaviors. A pup that's bored from lack of physical activity is much more likely to act out in an attempt to get your attention.

  • Search for pet-friendly apartments near FSU with a dog park. Dogs enjoy getting out and socializing – this will provide an excellent opportunity for a game of fetch or play time with the neighbor dog.

  • Spread out feedings throughout the day and keep dinner time scheduled so that your pet knows what to expect. A predictable eating routine will curb any anxiety they may have relating to food. This will also help control portions so your pet doesn't overeat and give them time to digest throughout the day.

  • If you enjoy the comfort of a warm, fluffy pet in your lap while binging your favorite evening show, consider investing in couch covers. Any hair or dirt left behind by your pet can easily be removed by throwing the covers in the wash – which will also prevent the inevitable dog smell.

  • Keep lint rollers handy, especially if you dress up for work. Pet hair probably isn't the most desirable accessory.

  • Store plastic grocery bags for litterbox cleanup or dog waste pickup. This makes the unfortunate but necessary cleanup task much easier.
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