What is it like living near Jackson Bluff?

FAMU apartments on Jackson Bluff Road are located near entertainment and the town's three main colleges.


Jackson Bluff Road is surrounded by the icons of the Capital city-FSU, FAMU and TCC.  Jackson Bluff Road is located in the Southwest district of the city. Arguably, the driving force of entertainment in the city of Tally, this region of the town attracts visitors from all parts of the Nation.


Living on or near this street means that you will likely be living next to the college neighborhood. The collegiate part of the city is quite different from the outskirts of the Capital city.  This particular road is almost in the center of student action. Tallahassee apartments tend to be very affordable, student centered and within walking distance to the local academic institutions. Southwest Tallahassee has lots to offer its residents.


If you have ever visited this Northern Florida city, with the exception of the student district, you would describe the rolling hilled region as scenic, quiet, quaint and charming.  Many homes sit hill topped overlooking the southern charmed town and are rarely disturbed by noise or neighbors. The college area, however, is much different. Living in FAMU apartments in the University community nearly ignites a completely different atmosphere. Many residents in this precinct are up all hours of the day, rendering boisterous behavior and social gatherings. In other words, you would be living next to young adults who, for the most part, are living on their own for the first time.  Expect nightly parties and limited parking.


Rent is known to be especially affordable near Jackson Bluff. This is because most of the housing is catered to those attending the academic institutions.  The average one bedroom can range from $350-$750 per month. One bedrooms, however, can be laid out differently than a normal loft styled unit. Many units are designed to have roommates. Meaning, the generic dwelling usually holds three to four bedrooms with a shared kitchen, laundry room and living room.  It is rare that you will find modern homes and luxury lofts here. Most abodes come with your standard appliances, carpeting and cabinetry. There are more updated housing properties in this location, however, they may be a bit pricier.


If you decide to live near this entertaining street, you will be within walking distance of class, restaurants and bars.  Staying near your school allows you to skip the hassle of searching for a parking spot each day, allowing you to spend more time sleeping in the morning. Additionally, you will have easy access to the campus library, restaurants and organizations. Moreover, many local pubs and bars surround the district. This means that you can walk in to your favorite spot without carrying the responsibility of driving home.  Living this close can especially be advantageous during football season when there seems to be no such thing as parking spaces.


Renting FAMU apartments on Jackson Bluff Road ensures that you will experience a piece of the collegiate life style. 

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