Is it hard to find a parking spot near my apartment?

FAMU apartments are located in the center of the student population in Tallahassee. There are over 15,000 students, alone, who are enrolled just at the Florida Agriculture and Mechanic University. In addition to the massive student body residents living in the academic region, you can reasonably expect to experience a wave of residents all compacted in one region.

Similar to most colleges, campus areas tend to become congested come fall season. Many find that landing a great parking spot remains to be the biggest challenge of their collegiate lives, especially when trying to make it to class on time. With three schools in one small district, there are nearly 100,000 students looking for a place to park. Who would have thought that looking for a parking spot would become such a competitive force?

My best advice is to live in FAMU apartments that either have a designated parking spot or are walking distance to class.

A well-known benefit to living in the city of Tallahassee is being able to remain within walking distance to the academic institution. Most of the properties surrounding the college are known as student housing communities. These properties normally house shared living spaces offer separate rooms for residents. Generally, they are located just outside of campus, allowing residents to walk to class in just a few minutes. Not only will this alleviate you from having to hunt for a parking spot at FAMU, but it will also save you lots of gas money. Additionally, communities such as these offer very affordable rent prices. These can range as low as $300/month to the upwards of $1,000 for rent. Student districts also tend to be much livelier, offering something to do at all hours of the day.

Living in these types of dwellings, however, does impose a parking dilemma. As a result of these areas gaining so much attraction, parking does become a nuisance. Many non-residents seem to park their cars in these lots over night, causing you to loose out on your own spot at times. Some buildings do adhere to a strict towing policy. In fact, many FAMU apartments implement strategies to keep nonresidents from using their lots by hiring tow truck companies to pull out any car that does not belong to a tenant. Although this may become a pain for those who you wish to visit you, there is usually a visitors parking area. Yes, these designated visitor spots are quite limited, however, you can ask your management staff if they recommend another place to park or if you can get approval for a visitor to keep their vehicle in a specific area so their car will not be removed.

In general, yes, you may have a hard time finding a place to keep your car throughout your stay in Tallahassee. However, there are ways to get around having to deal with the dilemma each day. These strategies include searching for FAMU apartments that are walking distance from school or living in a unit that has designated spots for each tenant. Always be sure to check with your staff to see how available parking may be at your specific building.


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