I am new to the FSU area, should I be aware of certain things?

Are you moving into FSU apartments? The Capitol city of Tallahassee hosts both the governmental focus of the city as well as two state Universities. The city strikes a favorable balance of interchangeable qualities varying from distinguishable diverse communities, to rural suburbs, and plenty of entertainment. If you are just newly sinking your heels as a Florida State student, there is plenty to dive into.

Well, well, like one of thousands, you have decided to obtain your undergraduate degree at Florida State University. Congratulations on becoming a prideful Seminole! Your first question prior to settling into the city may be of one regarding the cultural and social aspects of the region. Before beginning your wondrous search for FSU apartments, it is best to get somewhat acclimated to your new surrounding neighborhoods.

In general, Tallahassee is enriched with diversity. Surprisingly, nearly 80% of the population is not made of native Floridians. Due to the increasingly popularity and competitive success at the college level, many students from around the nation and even the world proudly study at the academic institution. In fact, the city of Tally is growing at a faster rate than both Miami and Tampa. This means that you can definitely be sure to live in a melting pot of students. Additionally, Leon County happens to be the most educated population in the entire state. A near 50% of the city's people have a bachelor's degree.

If you are a new to the state of Florida, you will quickly learn that the town's climate is well accommodating to a natural Floridian. In this area, you will experience long summers and mild winters. Feel free to leave your wool jackets packed away for the majority of the year. Summers can be brutal at times, so keep a handy pair of tanks, shorts and flip-flops nearby!

When living in FSU apartments, you will more than likely settle down in the Southwest region of Tallahassee. This is just near the school and is where the majority of students tend to live. This institution is without a doubt a very well known party school. This is a very exciting place to live and there is always something going on in the neighborhood. Football season brings a flooded town with in, and if you are not a fan, you may want to reconsider because it is almost impossible to escape the wrath of Seminole football fans. Not a fan of crowds? My best advice is to leave town a few days prior to home games. Traffic tends to get overwhelming and frustrating with the amount of people traveling into the town.

Just near this neighborhood is a handful of college bars, restaurants and shops. The community is well suited to undergraduate students, keeping entertainment rolling throughout the late nights. Popular bars such as Potbelly's and AJs are right around the corner and Midtown is just a few minutes away.

Rent prices tend to be very accommodating when moving into FSU apartments. The majority of the properties are students housing communities, however, there are units strictly for one resident. Be ok with noisy neighbors and meeting new friends.

When moving from your old home to the Florida State neighborhood, you will be sure to fully live out the college experience. There are plenty of things to do throughout the warm seasons, bars are nearby and rent prices are very affordable.


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