I'm traveling for New Year's. What are some ways I can keep my FSU apartment safe while I'm away?

Waiting at the airport, last-minute packing, and visiting family hundreds of miles away from your FSU apartment are all a part of the holiday season. However, an often-forgotten part of holiday traveling is keeping apartments safe while you're away. It's often an afterthought that will cause stress for anyone traveling. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your apartment safe during the holidays.  

Unplug and lock up:  

Keep your Florida State University apartment safe from any hazards by unplugging appliances, Christmas lights, and electronics. It ensures protection against fire hazards and power surges and may lower your electricity bill for the rest of the month. It is recommended even if utilities are included in your FSU apartment as you can avoid an overcharge. 

Apartments near FSU can often be the target of crime as students travel away from Tallahassee. To secure your student apartment, be sure to check your window locks and store away valuable items. If you have any friends that will stay in town, have them pass by your apartment to pick up any built-up mail or to see that everything is alright. However, it is not suggested that you leave your friends a spare key outside of your door as that is the first thing burglars look for to get inside. The last thing that should be on your mind while hundreds of miles away is your apartment's security. If you live in a student apartment, check your lease for any clauses on giving notice. Some landlords require you to tell your landlord when and for how long you will be gone. This can give them a heads up on security for the apartment complex. 

Social media break:  

The quickest and easiest way of showing the world that your apartment is alone is through social media. Many people disregard the thought that posting vacation photos can initiate the perfect crime. A tip to keep in mind while away is to limit posts on social media until after you get back, especially if your Instagram or Facebook are public. Instead, take this time to perfect your vacation Instagram posts to share after you return and spend quality time with family. 

There are plenty of tips out there on increasing security for your FSU apartment, such as First Choice Power's blog post on preparing your apartment before a vacation. After all, ringing in the new year should not involve you worrying about your apartment hours away; it should include an evening full of fun and prosperity.

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