I’m a very outdoorsy person. Are there any parks near my FAMU apartment?

Parks can be a beautiful place to get in touch with nature, which can prove to be incredibly difficult when you live in an urban place like Tallahassee. However, much to people's surprise, Tallahassee holds a plethora of different parks to appeal to a range of nature lovers. You just have to know where to look. It's a little bit harder to find ones deeper in the wilderness when you're in an apartment near FAMU, but nothing is impossible!

Lake Ella

Lake Ella, located just a few minutes from FAMU's campus down North Monroe Street, is a beautiful haven for those looking for a nice place to study. With a trail circling the entire lake, a beautiful fountain feature, and a pretty gazebo settled over the water, it is the picturesque hangout spot we all dream of. On certain days, you can grab a bite to eat by purchasing lunch at the pop-up falafel stand by the water. Otherwise, lose yourself in the sound of the rushing fountain and the families wandering the park around you and enjoy some fresh air out of your FAMU apartment. If you need to stop and study, head over the Black Dog on the water for free Wi-Fi and whatever vegan pastries you please. 

Cascades Park

Located just steps from the apartments near FAMU, Cascades Park is a Tallahassee favorite. Located in the heart of downtown, Cascades Park offers lots of recreational activities to pull you out of your apartment and get you moving. This includes an amphitheater where they hold musical and theatrical events, a splash fountain, and miles of picture-perfect trails. This is the perfect place for whenever you want to put down the books and get on your feet.


A hidden gem, Lichgate is a little further away from FAMU apartments but still a short drive. Located down High Road, it's easy to miss unless you know what you're looking for; however, once you find it, it's like a completely different world. When you cross into the driveway, you leave behind the bustle of the road and the city and suddenly find yourself plunged into the wilderness, surrounded by trees; despite being only yards away from the road, it sounds like it's miles away. With an intricate tree that's a few hundred years old as its center, Lichgate was the home of an English professor a long time ago, and still holds her cottage, garden, labyrinth, and more. It's the most peaceful spot you will find in Tallahassee, and a perfect place to get away.

Dorothy B. Oven Park

If you've been to Alfred B. Maclay Gardens – another Tallahassee favorite located off the highway – you already have a general idea of what this park looks like. However, if you haven't spent time here, imagine what you think a fairy tale garden would look like. There! You've already imagined it. When you step through the gates, you find yourself surrounded on all sides by bushes and trees holding beautiful flowers, varying through every season. With an intricate fountain at its center, string lights hanging from its gates, and wooden swings for visitors to sit and admire the scenery, Oven Park is perfect for a date night, a scenic walk, or just a few moments away. It is also a little bit further away from the apartments near FAMU, but a few minutes of driving is worth it to see this spot.

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