I have 2 dogs, will I need to pay a double pet fee at apartments in Tallahassee?

Residents who own pets or plan to have them in the future can find several great pet-friendly apartments in Tallahassee. These communities allow residents to keep pets in a range of species, sizes and amounts inside the unit. When looking for apartments in Tallahassee that allow pets, it is important to check the requirements for each community since policies and fees will vary. You may find that some communities allow dogs, but only below a certain weight. In addition, other communities allow both cats and dogs but place limits on the amount per household. Residents with exotic pets should contact the leasing office and discuss their policy on animals like birds, reptiles, and fish. Planning on adopting a second dog or cat to keep your current one company? Communities that allow multiple pets generally charge fees on a per pet basis. This means that a one-time pet fee will have to be paid twice if you have two pets. In addition, monthly pet rental fees will most likely increase with each additional pet.

Need some help finding pet friendly apartments in the area? Our website can help you narrow down your research and filter your results so you only review Tallahassee apartments that fit your criteria. To find communities that allow pets, click on the search function on the front page. You have the option to narrow down your search by price, rooms, and distance from a specific location, like apartments near Apalachee Regional Park. From this page, navigate to the pet policy tab on the left hand side. Clicking the plus sign will allow you to specific the type of pet you own or plan to own, like cats, dogs, birds, and aquariums. Once you make your selection, you will only view the communities that meet your apartment living needs. This will save you the time of scrolling through pages of communities that are not pet friendly.

As we mentioned above, you will most likely need to pay a pet deposit or pet rent fee for each pet you own inside Tallahassee apartments. If you're worried about making ends meet and balancing your budget, you can find many ways to save money and offset the cost of keeping a pet. You can save money on groceries by carefully planning your shopping, using print and online coupons and sticking to a firm list. Go through your fridge and pantry on a regular basis to identify what items you already have and items that are not frequently used. This can help you decide what you need to buy on your next trip. This WebMD guide can help you with additional tips on saving money when grocery shopping.

Planning ahead and budgeting your money will make it much easier to afford pet fees in apartments near Tallahassee. Remember to discuss pet policies and fees with each individual leasing office so you are up-to-date on rules regards pets inside your unit.

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