When searching for a new FSU apartment I noticed an upcharge for first floor units, why do they cost more?

You may have noticed an upcharge for first floor units while searching for FSU apartments on our site. First floor units can be in high demand due to a number of reasons. For example, moving into FSU apartments can be less strenuous if you don't have go up several flights of stairs. Carrying groceries or other things in the future will be more convenient on this level. In addition, there are some energy saving benefits to first floor apartments as they tend to be more efficient. With all these potential benefits and perks, the upcharge on first floor units may be worth it to some residents looking for apartments in the area. To determine if this type of unit is the best choice for you, you should consider a few things before making a final decision.

If you have a lot of heavy furniture items for your bedroom or living room, you may want to look for apartments near FSU on the first floor. Do you expect to have a lot of help from friends, family, or movers? Residents who will need to do a lot of heavy lifting without extra assistance may appreciate the convenience of a ground floor location. In addition, residents with disabilities or difficulty walking up the stairs may not want to make this trip every time they leave or arrive home. It can be a relief to skip the stairs and walk directly to your unit. An alternative to a first floor unit is finding FSU apartments with elevators. If you'd prefer not to live on the first floor but still want to avoid the stairs, this is the best option for you. To just avoid the hassle of carrying heavy furniture during your move, you can also find furnished apartments.

Another benefit to first floor units is efficiency and energy savings. With Florida's warm and humid climate, you're likely to have the AC running frequently throughout the year. First floor units will be closest to the cool air naturally so you may not need to have the AC running as often as units on higher floors. For some tips on keeping cool while turning off the AC, check out this informative Good Housekeeping guide. Do you exercise frequently or just want to have the freedom of vacuuming and doing other activities later in the night? Without another resident underneath you, you may feel more relaxed about not bugging your neighbors during late night hours.

Still unsure about living on the first floor? Don't forget that many FSU apartments on the first floor come with special upgrades, such as hardwood floors. If you're not a fan of carpeting, this can be a great benefit to apartment living. To find out what upgrades are available, you can visit the individual community sections on our website and look up floor plans, pricing, apartment features, community amenities, and much more. You can even schedule a site visit to get a firsthand look at some of the best communities in the area.

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