Can I make changes to my apartment?

Whether you are renting Tallahassee apartments for just a few months or for the entirety of a year, most want their units to feel like home. When it comes to renting homes, however, several limitations are laid out in your lease that may or may not restrict your ability to make changes to your apartment.

Most leases are pretty standard when it comes to permitting or prohibiting tenants to adhere to certain confinements. These restrictions can range from painting your walls, exchanging light fixtures, making improvements to designs and hanging pictures and shelves. However, I am sure many wonder how they are able to go about making these new changes and what type of changes they are allotted to.

When first moving in, most counties including Leon County, allow for normal wear and tear throughout your unit. This typical “wear and tear” of a home is expected and will be replaced at the cost of the landlord. Anything beyond that broad scope is placed in the hands of the tenant.

Although many will argue that hanging pictures and creating some bents and bruises on the wall fall under the category of expected wear and tear, this is not true. These types of improvements to a home, however, are still not prohibited. Most of the times many tenants prefer to their standard units to be more inviting and plan to morph the white walls into ones with personality and taste. So, the question still lies at “can I do this?” and “will I be penalized for doing this?” The answer is yes and maybe.

As previously mentioned it is very common to paint walls and hang pictures. No one will stop you from doing this. The main thing to ensure is that the Tallahassee apartments will look just as it did the day you moved in. Make sure that any improvements you make to your home can be undone. If you move in to all bare white walls, make sure you are moving out with bare white walls. All you have to do is repaint and repair in holes you have made in the walls from décor. It really is as simple as that.

Some management companies do prefer for a professional company to come into the home and repaint, repair and clean. Always ask this prior to making your changes. One would hate to be charged to redo a service that has already been done. Additionally, a tenant would not like to forgo their security deposits. Asking questions and being honest will more than likely play in your favor.

Generally, most Tallahassee apartments will allow their tenants to paint and hang décor to their liking. Beware, however, of procedural policy when it comes to leaving the dwelling in its original setting. Most properties will allow you to repaint yourself without subtracting from your security deposit. Some, on the other hand, do require a professional staff, so always be sure to check with your leasing manager prior to making decisions. If possible, be sure to get the confirmation in writing. That way, you can ensure your adherence to the unit standards.


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