How do I find a good apartment that is cheap and close to FAMU?

So you're looking for a cheap apartment that is close to FAMU and that you will be happy living in. Don't worry; it is possible to find a great place that meets all your criteria. The best part of it is that we can help you find everything you need, so you don't have to spend hours researching who has what you're looking for.

With the search tool you can set your price by apartment or by room. Searching by room is a good option if you have or would like to have roommates, but another benefit is that paying for a room in an apartment that is shared keeps the cost down and can allow you to afford a nicer apartment. Setting the price in the search tool immediately narrows the search field so you can focus on the apartments that fit your budget.

Next is location, type the address of the location you want to be close to. In this case, you may want to use the main FAMU address 1700 Lee Hall Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32307 and then the distance you want to be from that location, let's say 2 miles. Again, we've filtered the options to give you the apartments close to FAMU that are in your budget so now you can peruse the list to see what interests you.

Some points to think about though, include the amenities that each apartment offers. For instance, if an apartment is at the top of your price range but it includes some or all utilities such as cable, internet, water, even electricity, then that gives your budget some room to breathe. Many apartments close to FAMU now offer fitness centers, tanning beds, computer labs, coffee bars, swimming pools, washer/dryer and more to cut down on services that you may otherwise pay for. Having these services included into the rent price is not only convenient but can really help keep your budget from getting stretched.

Once you have looked through the listings of apartments that are close to FAMU and that you can afford and have found a few that have piqued your interest, you can use the filter, drag & compare tool to see how they stack up against one another. You have two ways to do it, you can either click “add to compare list” that will appear when your cursor hovers over the apartment picture or you can actually drag the picture into the compare box. Then click on the compare button and you will be able to see what each complex has to offer and how it compares to the others on your list. This is a really great feature to help you locate the apartments that will work for you quickly and easily.

Once you have picked out a few that deserve your further investigation, it's time to take a tour so you can get a feel for whether this is where you want to live. Write down your questions ahead of time so you don't forget them when you get there. If you have a pet, ask about their pet policy. Soon you will find your apartment close to FAMU that is just right for you!

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