Are there a lot of students living on or near campus at TCC even though it is not a University?

Although this is a smaller school in comparison to its sister Universities, Florida State and FAMU, Tallahassee Community College has nearly 15,000 students enrolled! Student housing on campus is swamped with ambitious students ready to relax! These living communities range in broad areas from Pensacola St to Chapel Ridge and San Luis! However, student housing near and on the campus of TCC is not just isolated to only the community college students. This area is mostly common ground for students attending the Florida State University as well. Since both school are close in proximity, it only makes sense to allow cross over students to pick their Tallahassee apartment as they wish. This reason alone incentivizes students claim their home near and on the Tallahassee College campus. Need help selecting the perfect location? Try looking at Eagle Pines, Osceola Lofts, University Village, or Boardwalk at Appleyard. These communities are all miles within the TCC area.

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