I want to live in a calm area of the city. Where can I live?

Tallahassee is known for its party schools and highly ranked sports teams. However, the city does consist of tranquil trees, history, arts and humble neighborhoods. If you are looking for a neighborhood with comforting trees and quiet corners, you have several areas to choose from. Over in the Northeast area of Tallahassee, you will find families, grade schools, and upscale Tallahassee apartments. Being one of the oldest areas of the city, Northeast Tallahassee is a rare spot for students. This area is identified as more upscale, with its boutiques, golf course, theatre and hiking trails. If you are interested in this area, trying looking for a Tallahassee apartment near Thomasville Road. Northwest Tallahassee, just outside of downtown and the Capitol, is generally encompassed with an older population. This rural setting can offer you a quiet place to stay while allowing you the convenience to be only minutes from downtown, local shopping and dinning. Housing in this area will be more affordable than its surrounding areas due to the rapid development in the area. This area is a short drive to TCC and FSU. Try looking for a place just North of Tower Road or W. Tharpe Street to take advantage of this area.

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