I am a young professional moving into the Tallahassee area. What are some apartment features I should look for?

Tallahassee is among one of the best cities in Florida for young professionals. With two Universities and a growing social scene, young professionals can find their fit and flourish in the environment. As a young professional, it's important to search for the perfect living accommodations with the perfect features to accommodate your busy professional lifestyle. After you determine whether you will live in a single bedroom apartment near FSU or one with roommates, you should consider the type of amenities that would be beneficial. As a fellow young professional, there are three key apartment features I would look for in my Tallahassee apartment that would make my life easier.


I know what you're thinking, "A dish washer? Doesn't every apartment these days have a dishwasher?" The answer is no. Not every apartment comes with a dishwasher included. However, you won't have to search for luxury apartments to find an in-unit dishwasher in Tallahassee, they're actually fairly common! Young professionals are usually on the go, with little time to spend washing a sink full of dishes. Having a dishwasher in your Tallahassee apartment cuts down on kitchen cleaning time. Having a dishwasher also helps give your kitchen a neat appearance. If you run the dishwasher and don't have time to put them away immediately after, at least the clean dishes are hidden and out of the way.

In Unit Washer and Dryer

Although many apartments do come with laundry accommodations, such as an onsite laundry facilities, having a washer and dryer inside your Tallahassee apartment can make a world of difference when you have a busy schedule. If you don't have a few hours at a time to sit in the laundry facility waiting to load and unload all of your laundry, having a washer and dryer inside your unit will save you a lot of time. This way, you can multitask around the house or even leave your laundry unattended and leave to run errands between loads. You can look for apartments with laundry hook ups inside them and purchase your own washer and dryer, or you can search apartments that include laundry machines as part of the apartment's features. If you're choosing to shop for your own washer and dryer, check out this article on the Best machines for apartment living.

Business Center

Another extremely helpful apartment feature for a young professional is a business center. A business center is often located near the leasing office or clubhouse in your community. Some of the features that will likely be included are onsite computers and printers, free wifi, and often just a quiet place for you to work outside of your one or two bedroom apartment. You may or may not own your own computers, printers, and wifi services. However, if there is ever an unfortunate circumstance during which you can't use your own, having a business center in your Tallahassee apartment could totally save your work day.

Apartment hunting is a unique experience for everyone, but specific lifestyles often call for specific needs for everyday living. Hopefully these tips for apartment shopping in Tallahassee assist you in making your day-to-day living easier as a young professional. 

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