What Movie Theaters are there near FAMU?

There are several options for students looking for cinema close to apartments near FAMU. Tallahassee is an area that houses many different film-watching avenues. It is home to a community of avid genre-junkies, as well as an entire spectrum of critics. The types of theaters range from commercial to private venues. 

Regal Governor's Square Stadium

The closest public option is the Regal Governor's Square Stadium. This is located just over 3 miles from FAMU campus and offers the latest blockbusters. It offers regular showings as well as the Real3D viewing experience. Tickets usually range around $7 - $10, a modest price (even for 3D). Regal is located near the Governor's Square Mall - the main shopping center in central Tallahassee - making it a popular location for basically everyone in Tallahassee.

AMC Tallahassee Mall 20

Likewise, there is the AMC Tallahassee Mall 20. Considered the most popular cinema hub in Tallahassee, it shows all of the latest releases. It is located in the Tallahassee Mall, about 4 miles north of FAMU campus. This theater features regular showings, digital, 3D and IMAX. With its quality and giant screens, Tallahassee goes here to experience premieres in high definition. Tickets can be higher than that of Regal. 

Challenger Learning Center

There is also the option of the first IMAX in town: the Challenger Learning Center. This establishment often features Documentaries and private films, though at times showing public films as well. The Challenger Learning Center not only has the biggest full IMAX screen in Tallahassee, but also has a planetarium that features unique programs. It is just under 2 miles north of FAMU campus. 

Askew Student Life Cinema

Even colleges have options for students. The Askew Student Life Cinema at FSU is a great place to go if you're looking for a more peer-tailored experience. This is free to FSU students and is open to all for $6. This is a close-to-campus opportunity for FAMU students to get assimilated with college life and to interact with FSU students too. The Askew center also hosts local events, such as gaming tournaments.

FAMU and FSU both have live-performance establishments. The FAMU Essential Theatre is not only on the campus, but also is FREE to FAMU students with an ID. These performances give a refreshing change of pace to Tallahassee entertainment.

If you don't have a car, don't worry. The bus system reaches all over town and runs quite frequently. It's generally free to college students too. If you want to know more about movies in Tallahassee, you can look up the Tallahassee Film Society. In FAMU, there is no shortage of ways to watch a film.


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