Are there any apartments that include a washer and dryer inside the unit? What do I need to look out for?

Are you searching for FAMU apartments that come with a washer and dryer? Many communities offer these types of amenities for their residents, especially near the school district of the city.

Having a washer and dryer hooked up in your unit may be considered a necessity. Many argue that having to bring their clothes to a laundry matt is almost a deterrence from wanting to wash their clothes. In fact, many students would just prefer to wait a few weeks and bring their dirty laundry to their parents house to do the work. Thus, it has almost become an essential to have these machines inside of your home. Luckily, many FAMU apartments do tend to come with a washer and dryer. The Tallahassee area is built upon student demands and strives to cater to nearly every need in order to accommodate to each and every student resident.

When first searching for apartments near FAMU, be aware that many communities will “sell” you with the fact that their community comes with washer and dryer hook ups. For those of you who are just moving out on your own for the first time, washer and dryer hook ups are NOT the actual machines. These are just simply the chords used to enable such machines to work, should you purchase your own. Although this does not seem like much of an amenity, to some however, it may be a great investment to purchase your own washer and dryer to use as they please. It may be worthy to note, however, that if you are a college student planning to move to a new place and location each year, this may not be the best option for you.

If you are set on a community that only offers washer and dryer hook ups, you could look into renting the machines as an option. Some apartment complexes offer their residents rental equipment that can be tacked on to their monthly lease amount. Most, if not all properties, do have a common laundry room facility on their premises. No, this is not ideal but it may be a great alternative to not having your own washer and dryer inside your home. This also may be a great cost savings option.

Many on campus or just outside of campus housing areas do tend to offer washer and dryers inside each unit. The closer you get to campus, the more packaged and ideal student amenities will be offered. Although these floorplans may be shared common spaces with other roommates, most find this to be a very suitable and affordable option. There are plenty of one bedroom rooms as well, however, these may be a little more expensive.

Overall, many of the FAMU apartments in the student district of Tallahassee tend to be more modern and updated. Therefore, many units do come with a washer and dryer inside each unit.  Most of these floor plans may be shared with other students, however, and you may want to look out for those properties that only offer “hook ups” for the machines and not the actual equipment.

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