Are there any apartments near TCC by nightlife spots?

Apartments near TCC come with the opportunity to live near your favorite bar, restaurant or even shop. What many students and residents love most about the student district of the city are its social surroundings. Handfuls of apartments near TCC are located right next door to the liveliest nightly hangouts.

If you are searching for a new home in the center of nightlife, Tallahassee is one of the best college towns to live in.  The student town of the Capital city is filled with student residents and social endeavors. Having two state universities in one region definitely adds to the eager moral of the residents. Generally, no matter which area of the student region you live in, you will undoubtedly be surrounded by some sort of entertainment.

If you are one who loves to watch some college football, living near Doak Campbell Stadium may be beneficial to you. This area is home to several different avenues of nightlife. For starters, the new college town is located at the base of this part of town. College town Tallahassee as built brand new buildings surrounded by renovated and industrial type of bars, restaurants and shops. Many of these apartments near TCC are designed with a modern metropolitan feel. These units are stacked on top of shops and local dinners and offer plenty of convenience for students in the region. Aside from the new expansion to the town, the city's long- standing traditional spots are also still located near the stadium. A college favorite, especially on game day, is the Palace. The Palace is a well-established and popular pub for pre game rituals. If this type of area seems like it is up your alley, you may want to look for communities in Jackson Bluff or college town.

Homes on Pensacola Street are just across from Jackson Bluff and provides students with entertaining happy hour antics. Baja's is a more known club in this area and tends to attract some of FSU's greek members.   

The older version of “college town” is known as “the strip.” This is just around the corner from TCC and is outlined with handfuls of places to celebrate a night out. AJ's sports bar is located on the strip along with Chubby's  Floyd's and Bull Winkles. You may want to note, however, that these areas may be a few blocks from campus.

If you were hoping to stay closer to campus but still near some night life areas, trying looking for communities near or on N. Monroe Street. Although this area may lack in the numbers of clubs and bars, there is a strong student scene there. Additionally, some parts of this street are within walking distance to class as well. The Salty Dog Pub and Hooters are located right along this street.

Even if you do not live just next door to a local pub, there are plenty of entertainment spots just within your apartment complex. Many buildings encourage social events such as pool parties and cookouts.

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