Are there any apartments near FAMU that differ from your run of the mill apartment floor plans?

For some people living in your average apartment can feel like you're living in a box. After browsing apartments near FAMU it can seem like you're looking at the same floor plan over and over again. Don't let that scare you away from FAMU apartments though! There are a few apartments nearby that offer more variety than your average FAMU apartment and I'm here to help you scout those out!

If you're looking for unique student living in your FAMU apartment then look no further than the Cottages at Magnolia. They offer a more non-traditional style apartment home that definitely stands out from the rest! It also doesn't hurt that they're located only a mile away from FAMU! Think of all the gas you could save. If you're really dedicated you could even walk or ride a bike to campus from your FAMU apartment. The 14 foot vaulted ceilings and front and back porches in each apartment provide an unprecedented feel of exceptional FAMU apartment living.

The Cottages at Magnolia offer spacious apartments near FAMU. They are all four bedroom and four bathroom units! They offer leases per room as well so you will never have to worry about your roommates not paying their rent on time again! Each resident has their own bedroom and bathroom which can be a nice change from having to share a bathroom with your roommates. The dining area, living room, and kitchen are all shared so you can spend some quality hang out time with your roommates should you choose to!

The Star Suite apartments near FAMU also offer a quality of living that surpasses many other FAMU apartments. They offer unique one bed and bath apartments that allow for maximum privacy with your own entrance and kitchenette. The cozy hammocks located near the huge pool really assist you in breaking away from the average stuffy apartment feel. Not to mention they offer covered parking for each resident at no additional cost which can be a huge plus for those that spend time worrying about their car batting the Florida weather.

For some people your average FAMU apartment will do just fine. They are all lush with wonderful amenities in unit and throughout the community as a whole. However for some people that's still not enough. Living in a FAMU apartment can offer convenience but leave some people with that stuffy apartment feeling. If you're one of those people local FAMU apartments can still be the perfect place to live! With many FAMU apartments offering unique floor plans and living experiences almost everyone can find what they're looking for out of their FAMU apartment.

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