Do any TCC apartments have basketball courts?

Yes, there are quite a few apartments near TCC that have a community basketball court. The three below are my favorites.

TCC students are in luck. West 10 Apartments has the basketball courts to trump all other apartment complex basketball courts. The basketball court is actually indoors. This is pretty much unheard of for most apartment communities in college towns. However, West 10 has one. And it is awesome. Since the basketball court is indoors, you can get your game on whether it's rain or shine outside. This also makes it a much more comfortable place to play considering the stifling Florida heat. In addition to a great basketball court, West 10 has plenty of other great community features for TCC students. A 24-hour fitness center, resort-style swimming pool, hot tub, tanning bed, outdoor kitchen, computer lab, and a game room are just some of the many community features West 10 has to offer. In addition to great amenities, this TCC apartment complex also has plenty of apartment choices. One, two, three and four bedroom options are all available to pick from. Each one comes with tons of space and a fair price.

Polo Club is another great TCC apartment with a basketball court. Although not quite as fancy as West 10's court, the Polo Club has a solid basketball court that gets the job done. You could spend hours on hours practicing or playing pickup games. The Polo Club is located on North Ocala Road just north of Tennessee Street. This prime location puts it very close to the TCC campus, as well as all the fun of Tennessee Street. TCC students can choose between three or four-bedroom floor plans, each with different layout options. Each apartment works out to be in the price range of $480-500 per person, per month. Expect to find some great apartment amenities at Polo Club. A few of the highlights are: walk-in closets, storage space, a patio or balcony, upgraded countertops, private bathrooms, wood floors, washer and dryer, dishwasher and much more. The buildings at Polo Club also sport a beautiful red brick exterior that TCC students will love.

UH Retreat is my final pick for a great TCC apartment complex with a killer basketball court. The basketball court at UH Retreat is a popular place, though. So get there early or expect to wait your turn for a game. In addition to the basketball court, UH has many other great sports and fitness features to keep TCC students happy and healthy. Some of the best include: a resort-style pool, sand volleyball court and 24-hour fitness center. After a great workout, retire to you swanky UH Retreat apartment. Apartments, which come with 2 to 5 bedrooms, come decked out with features such as: private bathrooms, numerous ceiling fans, upgraded countertops, walk-in closets, a yard, balcony or patio, wood floors and an alarm system. These apartments are also very new. You shouldn't be worried about commuting to TCC every day. These apartments are very close to campus, and are even within walking distance if you are feeling up for it.

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