How is public transportation near FAMU? I don’t have a car.

Are you moving to FAMU apartments without access to your own vehicle? Many students enrolled in a Tallahassee college forego the opportunity to have their own cars in exchange for public transportation.

The city of Tallahassee is smaller than your average Florida town. Similar to most college cities, the capital region is known for its historical features and academic endeavors. Embedded with a heavy student population, the quaint town has provided a fair amount of accommodations to suit the needs of its residents.

There are over 12,000 students enrolled at FAMU. Most FAMU apartments, including those located on campus are located in the central entertainment district of Tally. The area, generally housed by students attending the local colleges, is filled with student-centered amenities to help make living on a budget much easier. There are handfuls of FAMU apartments that are actually walking distance from most student activities in the area. These include bars, shopping and dinning. Most students do not have to go far from campus in order to get errands done.

If you do not have your own car or transportation, living on campus can definitely play a beneficial role in helping you maintain your mobility. Living just near class allows most FAMU enrollees to walk or bike to class. This is especially great for those who enjoy exercise and is a helpful way to meet new friends and classmates. Walking to school also enables you to skip the panic of looking for a parking spot even close to where you next class may be. Additionally, students living near or on the campus quarters tend to become more involved in the student community, enriching the college experience.

If you opt to leave the academic institution's grounds, there are several FAMU apartments that are closely located to bus stops. These communities are normally centered around the University which allows residents to take the bus outside of town and still have easy walking access to school. The town's city bus, the star metro, provides students with complimentary rides throughout the city's limits. Students are required to provide the city bus with a valid student ID to take advantage of its complimentary rides. The city system will pick up and drop off residents at the local college and also provides a bike rack for those who prefer to bike around campus.

The public transportation in the city, in general, is not a unlimited as in other big cities. If you are a student in the area, however, there are plenty of ways to get to class while still being able to enjoy the college's immediate surroundings. Many find that the best option tends to be living in communities that are just near the University or that are located next to a local bus stop. The student region of Tally is filled with plenty of things to do that allow students to stay close to campus throughout the entirety of their span in the capital. If you do plan to venture out of town, the Star Metro does provide free rides for students with valid college IDs. Keep in mind, however, that the bus hours are limited and may not carry into the late hours of the night.

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