Any tips for making friends at Florida State University?

One of the most beautiful, valuable things one can have in life is friendship. This is true whether you're a toddler who's just learning to walk, a freshman in college embarking upon a new chapter in life, a soccer mom with four kids, or a retiree enjoying the golden years. While friendship is clearly an important part of life, it's not always easy to develop these types of relationships – especially at a new school in an unfamiliar city. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the idea of meeting new people at Florida State University, rest assured there are several simple, organic ways to connect with fellow students and build long-lasting friendships! 

10 Simple Ways to Make Friends at FSU 

  • Get involved: One of the best ways to build new friendships is by connecting with those who have similar interests. Join an intramural team or club at FSU to find your tribe – bond over your shared passion for community service, a capella, volleyball, dance, or politics. With over 700 clubs and organizations, there's something for everyone!
  • Get to know your roommates: Splitting a 2-, 3-, or 4-bedroom FSU apartment with a few roommates can be a great way to make friends. Explore each other's interests: cook a meal together, take a group yoga class at the fitness center, bond over a morning cup of coffee and conversation, or find a tv show you all enjoy watching together each week. Don't feel like you need to hide out in your room, make use of the common areas and use them as a way to get to know your roomies!
  • Attend resident events: Apartments near FSU make it easy for their residents to relax and meet new people with a wide-variety of resident activities and community events. Fill up your social calendar with pool parties, movie nights and food giveaways (score!). These gatherings are the perfect way to unwind and take a mental break with a few of your neighbors and peers.
  • Join/create a study group: Flip flashcards, review notes and get to know your classmates by joining or creating a study group. Post a flyer, spread the word in online course discussion boards, or even just chat with a few of the students around you to get a solid study group together.
  • Take advantage of your FSU apartment's amenities: One of the best parts of living in an off-campus apartment near FSU is the resort-style amenities. Soak up the sun with a few of your roommates at the resort-style swimming pool, invite a few classmates over for a study session in the business center, or shoot some hoops at the basketball court.
  • Work, work, work: With a part-time job you can make a bit of extra pocket change while building friendships with your favorite coworkers! Grab a bite to eat on your lunch break, catch a movie after work, or get your team together for a group activity like bowling or softball.
  • Join a Fraternity/Sorority: Sorority life is all about brotherhood/sisterhood and forming lasting relationships with fellow students over common interests like campus tradition, leadership, scholarship, and service. With over 54 Greek life organizations at FSU, you can choose one that speaks to you.
  • Rotate seats: Many of us are creatures of habit, wired to sit in the same spot every time. Consider changing up your seat in class until you find a spot with people around you who you vibe with and feel comfortable getting to know.
  • Take free fitness classes on campus: What better way to stay healthy than with a workout partner to keep you motivated – or for that matter a whole class of fitness companions! Meet your next friend while spinning, kickboxing, or dancing. Choose from over two dozen sweat-worthy fitness classes, all free to current FSU students.
  • Don't feel like an outsider: Remember, everyone is in the same boat as you! You're all on a new journey in an unfamiliar city. Make the most of your next 4 years at Florida State University and put yourself out there – talk to the people sitting next to you, get to know your roommates in your Tallahassee apartment, join a club, and most importantly, have a blast!
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