Should I choose the ground floor or the top floor when deciding on TCC apartments?

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You can decide which floor is best for you at TCC apartments like The Boulevard.

When it comes to choosing which floor to live on in apartments near Tallahassee Community College, there are quite a few pros and cons for each. It is important to take in consideration the many factors that make both the bottom floor and the top floor the BEST floor! Different residents will have different preferences, so take a look at these details about the perks and drawbacks of living low or living high in apartments in Tallahassee.

Renting a Top Floor TCC Apartment

For many people living in TCC apartments, life is better on the top floor. Residents who opt for the top floors rarely have to deal with foot traffic noise, both inside and outside of their building. Being on the top floor means that you have no neighbors above you. Say goodbye to the T-Rex stomping above your head! All jokes aside, top floors are known for being quiet apartments. On the other hand, the higher the floor, the less susceptible the unit can be to bugs, pests and potential burglars. It may be my personal opinion, but not many thieves will choose to scale a fifth floor balcony to try and steal your precious belongings! Top floors also help during the colder months, which are actually more like colder DAYS here in Florida. Nonetheless, since science is awesome and heat rises, you will save on heating costs during our one-week cold snap in the winter. To top it all off, being on the top floor will give you a much better, and prettier, view of beautiful Tallahassee.

With all of the perks of living in a top-floor unit of apartments near Tallahassee Community College, it's hard to recognize the pitfalls. However, there are a few cons to living on top of the world. For one, if you're like me, you may try to get all of your grocery items inside, all in one trip. If your community does not offer an elevator and you have to walk up more than two or three flights of stairs, this becomes increasingly difficult. And sometimes painful! Even starting with move-in day, transporting any heavy items up the stairs can be rough. And while you're enjoying the peace and quiet of no upstairs neighbors, you have to be mindful that YOU are the upstairs neighbor to someone. Maybe you should save your P90X session or rearranging your living room to a time when other people aren't sleeping! To top it all off, remember that money you are saving on heating bills during the winter? Well, when it's summer, it is actually quite the opposite effect. Science is not so awesome in this respect, since heat rises. And so may your utility bill. This is just something to think about before jumping into that top floor apartment.

Renting a Bottom Floor Apartment in TCC Apartments

When it comes to TCC apartments, bottom-dwelling may not necessarily be a bad thing! There are many perks to choosing the first floor, one of those being easy and quick access to your apartment. With no stairs or an elevator, entering your home is a breeze. Moving day will also be 99% easier if you opt for a ground unit. And with a first-floor entry, you can show your neighbors what's up and hulk-carry all of your groceries in at once! On the ground floor, you also do not have any neighbors below you. Go ahead, buy that in-home version of Dance Dance Revolution and get down at all hours of the night! With science being a very popular theme in this article, we bring it back again, only this time with the perks of being on the ground floor in the hot summer months. Again, heat rises, so you will find bottom floor units to typically be a bit cooler than the top floor. Other than that, being on the ground floor level will help you get out of your apartment faster. This is very helpful for pet owners, or in the case of an emergency.

Apartments near TCC that exist on the ground level have their drawbacks just like any other level. Being so close to the earth, these bottom-dwelling units are unfortunately much more susceptible to bugs and pests. Make sure your community has a good pest control system in place! Any foot traffic in or outside of your building will be heard much more clearly than if you were on the top floor. There is also an unfortunate increased risk of crime if you opt for the bottom floor of a community. Being ground-level makes it a little easier for thieves to enter your apartment. If this is a concern, be sure to speak with your office about an alarm system or other safety precautions they may use for their community.
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