What tips do you have for living with roommates?

If you are living in one of the Tallahassee apartments and you have several roommates, than you may need to make some adjustments. Living with other people in an apartment isn't like living with a brother or sister at home. There are no parents to help solve disputes, only you can do that.

The best way to try and make sure that your living situation goes smoothly, is to create a set of rules for all residents to live by. Preferably, this should be done before you agree to live with any roommate, as some people may clash more than others. However, if you decided to do roommate matching in Tallahassee apartments, then you will most likely have to do this when you move in

What rules do is set a baseline for any conflict in the future. If you both agreed to do dishes right after eating dinner, then someone can't complain it is unfair to do their dishes. At least not anyone that's rational, some people may still argue but you can't really do anything about that. You should also write these rules down, as words on paper are not to easily changed or manipulated.

So what rules should you make? Well ultimately that depends on you and your roommates, and what is important to you all. While your standards may be different from mine, I can give you a decent idea of some topics you may want to focus on when you are creating rules for living.

Cleaning should almost always be a rule, but it should only apply to the living area and kitchen of your Tallahassee apartment. If someone wants to make their room messy, that that is their choice. However, having a dirty living area and kitchen can impede you and your other roommates in what you do during the day.

Trust me, a lot of fights start because of cleaning, so make sure that this issue is addressed at the forefront. How clean they should be and how common they should be cleaned is another thing that is up to you and your roommates.

Another factor that should be addressed is noise. Some people can sleep with a lot of noise, and some can't. The same goes for studying, and other activities that require concentration. Each person has their own personal preference when it comes to noise.

While you should be able to play your own music in your room, you do not really have a right to make everyone else listen to it throughout the unit. If you live in one of the Tallahassee apartments with thinner walls, than you may be affecting your roommates in the living area, or even in their own rooms. Determine what is fair, and then adjust your volume accordingly.

The final major topic you should probably address is guests. You don't really have the power to kick out someone that your roommate invites because you don't want them there. However, you and your roommates should still talk about how many people can be over, and what times they can occupy the living area.

Again, this is all going to depend on personal preference, but you may not be happy if one of your roommates constantly has strangers in the living room. In addition, depending on which of the Tallahassee apartments you live in, space may become an issue if there are too many people. Make sure that you can all find a common ground to agree on, and there shouldn't be many fights at all.

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