How can I meet people at FAMU apartments?

If you are looking into apartments near FAMU, you may be concerned about how you are going to meet people. Living in the dorms can create a real community environment, where it can be easier to meet people with similar interests. That is not to say however that it is impossible to meet some new friends in an apartment community.

Since you will be living in an apartment community that is close to your university, you will mostly be living with other students. So really you can think about your apartment complex as one large dorm hall, with even more people for you to talk to. While it may not be as easy as leaving your door open for people to come by and say hello, there are still some great ways to go about it.

One of the easiest ways to meet people at FAMU apartments can be through residential activities. Resident activities are events that are hosted by the apartment complex. These are usually a form of gatherings that have food, games, and other activities. Typically students living in a complex flock to these events because they are free, so this can be a great way to put yourself out there and talk to others in your local community.

Many residential events take place during the beginning of the year, so make that you aware of when they are taking place. Many times you will find notices at your door that may inform you, but going by the office every now and then will keep you well informed. They are great opportunities, and you get free food so that's a plus. It should be noted that some complexes do not offer resident activities, so make sure to look for that when you are searching through apartments

Another great way to meet people in FAMU apartments is with community amenities. When looking at apartments, check out the amenities and see what each complex offers. You should look for amenities in which residents would use to just hang out, relax and socialize. Many complexes have some great social amenities, such as club houses, game rooms, coffee bars, or pools.

Pools especially can be a great amenity to meet friends at, as I have found it to be one of the best and most used amenities. We do live in Florida after all, so on a good sunny day you should go down by the pool and see how many people are there. It is not uncommon to find a lot of college students swimming, hanging out, or even cooking by the grill.

Whichever of the FAMU apartments you choose to live in, there are always ways to meet people. Some complexes may make it easier with the amenities they offer, but nothing is stopping you from just going up to someone nearby and introducing yourself. Meeting new people is a huge part of the college life, and any good college apartment complex will recognize that and encourage it.

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