Where are the best areas to live in for students looking for FSU apartments?

Whether you decide to live directly on the Florida State University grounds or in off-campus housing, the city of Tallahassee has plenty of Tallahassee apartment options for you to choose from. Depending on your desired location, you can find FSU apartments near downtown, just seconds from campus, or even in more remote residential communities.

If you are moving to the city without a vehicle you may consider looking for Tallahassee student apartments that are within walking distance from campus. The areas within a short distance from FSU are undoubtedly infused with collegiate affairs and night-life bliss. If you are seeking to experience a dormitory vibe within a condo-sized quarter, there are several areas of Tallahassee to choose from.

The most popular off-campus area to live in for FSU students is in Southwest Tallahassee. Not only is this where the actual campus is located, but many of the communities that inhabit this area are designed to support a student's social needs. Meaning, the majority of these properties are surrounded by shopping, dining, and bars. These student-oriented neighborhoods help enrich a student's life by allowing each of their residents to enjoy some privacy while still be able to experience a college lifestyle in a neighborhood setting. For FSU off-campus apartments in this area look for communities near or on Pensacola Street and Tennessee Street.

If you are hoping to be a little bit further the University nest, downtown Tallahassee has become a popular homeland expansion for Florida State students. This urbanized district offers plenty of entertainment in forms of upscale bars, rooftop lounges, and some of the city's finest dining. Keep in mind that this faster-paced lifestyle may be to the contrary to typical student life. The positives to this downtown area of the city are that it is great for those seeking internships and career endeavors. However, do not expect this area to accommodate a student budget. More of the dwellings in this area are updated, modern and full of luxury.

Looking to escape the wrath of college life? Do not worry. Some older students, graduates and those with families tend to hibernate in off-campus Tallahassee apartments in Northeast Tallahassee. Northeast Tallahassee is less popular than the aforementioned areas of the city. However, this area may be just as much or even more affordable than communities right near the University. Apartments here, like downtown, are more upscale.

Want something that is both close to campus but has a small town-city feel? Try looking for a home in Midtown. This town has been experiencing new student growth in the area. Although many young families encompass most of this residential community, it is the perfect place for a student. Midtown is just minutes from downtown, a very short drive to campus and in the center of convenience. There are handfuls of bars, restaurants and local boutiques outlining this area.

Overall, depending on exactly what your needs are, Tallahassee provides an overzealous amount of options for you to choose from. Once you select your desired area, home shopping becomes a piece of cake!

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