Where are the best areas to live in for students looking for FSU apartments?

Tallahassee offers a variety of different areas for students to live, which can make finding the best option that fits your needs a challenge. From areas close to Florida State's Campus, to more residential neighborhoods, Tallahassee is sure to offer you the perfect home somewhere. To help you sort through the options, we've compiled a guide with the best off campus areas for students to live! 

Traditional Student Neighborhoods


Collegetown is one of the most popular areas for FSU students to live. If you're an individual without a vehicle, we recommend checking out this area due to its convenience to campus and a variety of other restaurants and shops. The majority of residents in this area are college students, making it a community catered to fit the lifestyle of a busy, young adult. In this area, you'll have access to a grocery store (Greenwise), CVS Pharmacy, coffee shops for studying, and restaurants all at your fingertips. Also, in the heart of Collegetown, there are nightlife options perfect for a Florida State Seminole. With Recess, Township, and Madison Social just seconds away from Collegetown neighborhoods, you're guaranteed a great time out on the weekends! 

I've lived in Collegetown for the past 3 years and highly recommend this area for Florida State students! While this area isn't always the cheapest option, the benefits tend to outweigh the costs. Apartments in this area are modern, sleek, and many are equipped with amenities such as pools and gyms. With everything you need seconds away, it is one of the best off campus areas for students to live.

Pensacola Street 

Neighborhoods surrounding Pensacola Street are populated with undergraduate and graduate students. In this area, you can find both apartment complexes and townhomes, providing students with different options of homes to fit their needs. Neighborhoods along this street are close in proximity to Doak Campbell Football Stadium, but may require a trip on the Seminole Express, or by car, to Florida State's main campus. Pensacola Street itself is one packed with student hotspots. There are countless numbers of restaurants, including places such as Gordo's, who is renowned for their Cuban cuisine, and Jim & Milt's Bar-B-Q, which is some of the best barbeque in town. Students will also be located close to the Publix on Ocala Street for all of their grocery needs.  

Tennessee Street

Tennessee Street is another highly trafficked area just minutes away from Florida State's campus. This area stretches throughout Southwest Tallahassee and is another one of the best off campus areas for students to live. If you're a student in the College of Medicine or Education, this might be the area for you! Tennessee street is just minutes away from those colleges, along with the Student Union and the FSU Bookstore, making it a quick trip to get on to campus. Similar to Pensacola Street, neighborhoods on Tennessee Street are designed to support student's social needs. There are a number of restaurants on this street that fit a college students lifestyle and budget. From Chick-Fil-A, to multiple Starbucks, neighborhoods on Tennessee Street provide students with easy access to all of the essentials.

Non-Traditional Student Neighborhoods 

Downtown Tallahassee

If you're hoping to be a bit further from the University, Downtown Tallahassee has become a popular homeland expansion for Florida State students. Graduate students are most commonly drawn to this area due to its urbanized and mature aspects. Check out some of the sleek and modern complexes here, Graduate Student Apartments. This district is a 5-ish minute drive from Florida State University but has a more sophisticated aura due to its closeness to the Capitol Building and other corporate offices. For students focused on finding internships and career endeavors, Downtown is a great place to look! However, this area is more upscale than those closer to campus, making the cost of living a bit more expensive.

Downtown Tallahassee offers plenty of entertainment in forms of upscale bars, rooftop longues, and some of the city's finest dining. Individuals can enjoy small plates and cocktail at places like Level 8 Longue or Eve on Adams, while overlooking the city skyline. This area is also home to restaurants like Savour and Il Lusso, which are the perfect place to bring parents or have dinner for special occasions.

Midtown Tallahassee

Midtown Tallahassee is another up-and-coming area for students at Florida State University. This area is the best of both worlds, being close to campus while still having a small-city feel. Over the years, Midtown has been known for being home to many young adults and families, but recently has been growing to fit the lifestyle of students as well. If you're concerned about the distance to campus, don't worry! Neighborhoods in Midtown has access to the Seminole Express, along with a bunch of other locations in Tallahassee!

Located down Thomasville road, there are plenty of places for individuals of any lifestyle to enjoy. Students looking to take a study break and grab a coffee can take their pick of RedEye Coffee, Jeri's Midtown Cafe, or SoDOUGH Baking company, for a coffee and a quick bite! Midtown is also the perfect place to students to do some shopping with tons of local boutiques and stores found around this area. Although this isn't a traditional student-centered area, Midtown is definitely in the running for one of the best off campus areas for students to live.

Northeast Tallahassee

If you're someone who is looking to escape the college lifestyle, then venturing out to Northeast Tallahassee might be calling your name! Older students, graduates, and those with families tend to be more inclined to inhabit this area due to its more residential aspects. Northeast Tallahassee is less popular than the aforementioned areas of the city, but still has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. In this area, there are plenty of grocery options as well, with a Trader Joe's, Publix, Fresh Market, and Target all near by. Apartments in this area are similar to those of Downtown, in that they are more upscale and equipped with amenities that make living that much easier.

Overall, Tallahassee provides a wide range of neighborhood options for students to choose from. Take some time to consider what you value in your community before choosing an area to live. After selecting your desired area, home shopping becomes a piece a cake!

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