Do I have to give notice that I am moving when my lease is up?

Many of those who live in FSU apartments tend to prefer avoiding tying themselves down in order to allow them to move around freely.  Most students attending the nearby university are still undecided of which area of Tallahassee they enjoy must. Thus, whether you decide to move to the city upon graduation, or hope to experience the college town area for a little longer, finding plenty of FSU apartments to accommodate an undecided future is the norm.

There are nearly 65,000 students in the Capital city alone. A solid 65% of the student population is enrolled at Florida State University.  With two other colleges in town in the form of FAMU and TCC, the Southwest district of the city has become an increasingly popular area.

When searching for your new apartment, you will generally be promising to occupy a given space for a specified period of time through an instrument known as a lease. These periodic tenancies are leases they are set for certain amount of months, years or days. While most standard lease agreements usually last for 12 months, there are several different properties within the community that offer shorter term leases.

Most of these leases include a provision of renewals or notices to vacate. Meaning, the tenant must give notice to the landlord or property manager of its intent to terminate the contractual lease upon the specified move out date. So, even though your lease ends, lets say on March 7, 30 days prior to that day, one is usually required to notify the staff in the form of writing that you will no longer be living in your unit come March 7. In other words, specify that you will not be renewing your lease. A 30 day notice or warning is usually standard, but always ask your staff in order to ensure your community's process.

Are you unsure of how to give notice? First, always take precautions with what your contract stipulates, however, in general, most notices to vacates must obtain the following: 1) Put your intentions to leave the premises upon the end of your lease in writing, 2) Specify your move out date, 3) Include the date of writing the letter and a 4) formal signature. A broad notice to vacate can include the following:

“ 30 days from March 7, 2014 or by April 6, 2014, I will be vacating my home located at 1234 Rainbow Street Unit 7 as stated as the termination date in the lease agreement. I will not be renewing my tenancy. Please use this as my official notice to vacate. “  Signed, X.

Be sure to call or e mail your property manager in addition to handing over a letter in order to ensure that your notice has been given and that it is clear. Most properties and FSU apartments are used to dealing with this kind of method and should be more than helpful in guiding you through the process.

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