Are there any nonstudent housing areas in Tallahassee?

Tallahassee apartments are widely dispersed throughout the Capital region. With over 65,000 students in the city of Tallahassee, it is often quite difficult to distinguish which regions of the city of deemed student and nonstudent areas.  If you are trying to avoid the college district of town, there is a wide-variety of off campus housing near FSU. Non-student apartments in Tallahassee offer plenty of options with a variety of floor plan options.

In general, the Southwest district of Tallahassee is most occupied by student residents. When living in Leon County, however, there are communities just outside of this neighborhood that elude to a nonstudent experience.

If you are searching for an apartment near FSU that is still outside of the party region and within a fairly quiet atmosphere, begin your search in Thomasville. This neighborhood is still just minute from campus and appears to be one of the most popular places for graduates.  This family-friendly district is surrounded by shaded trees, brick lined sideways, and quaint roads and is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. There are several nearby parks and plenty of park space. There is also a hospital around the corner in addition to a handful of restaurants.

If you prefer something a bit more rowdy than the laidback Thomasville region, Midtown may be right up your alley. Midtown is a newer addition to the town of Tallahassee.  This particular community is just a five minute commute to campus. These luxury apartments offer modern design and industrial atmospheres. Coffee shops, bars and boutiques outline the neighborhood. Although this neighborhood does attract students, the entertaining district also embodies a family friendly environment within its inviting suburb community.

On the other side of town is Downtown. Less popularized by students attending the local colleges, this nonstudent living area offers modernized areas within historic quarters.  Downtown, however, is known to be pricier than the previously mentioned neighborhoods.  This district offers its residents plenty of employment opportunities in the form of government jobs and hospitality careers. Parking may not be as plentiful, but many living communities offer resort style amenities. Units are equipped which much more modern designs, often including granite counter tops, balconies, and hardwood floors.

There are several nonstudent living areas throughout the city of Tallahassee. In general, the only student deemed district is Southwest Tally, where FSU, TCC and FAMU are located. Although there will be students trickling throughout the entirety of the city, many tend to stay out of the more tranquil areas such as the Northwest District or Thomasville region. Midtown is more populated by students but less so than the Southwest neighborhood. Downtown is probably where the least students reside. This is due to the higher rent prices, its further location to the schools and the fact that it tends to be more of an employment district.

If you restrict your search for a new home to just exclude the Southwest part of town, you will quickly find that there are plenty of nonstudent living areas within the Capital city. 

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