I'm moving to an apartment in Tallahassee from up north, any features I should look for to help me adjust?

Coming from the North, you're certainly in for a surprise when it comes to weather. Tallahassee is located in Northern Florida, so you're more likely to experience a wider-range of weather than you would in South or Central Florida. Getting used to the weather may take some time, however, there are some Tallahassee apartment features you can look for that might help you adjust.  


Temperatures in Tallahassee can get up to the high 80s and 90s with a record high of 98 back in 2011. Positioned near the water, this also means that Tallahassee is quite humid, especially during the summer months. Of course another apartment feature to consider is central air. Thankfully, central air is a pretty common feature these days. Setting your thermostat at a cool enough temperature for you will help you stay comfortable in your living space. Additionally, sometimes running the air conditioner for extended amounts of time can be costly when it comes to conserving energy. Therefore, another feature to consider is an apartment with a ceiling fan. This may sound insignificant, but opening a few windows in the summer months and turning your ceiling fan on high in the evening may help you save money. Of course, if you want to stay cool outdoors in Florida, an apartment with a pool area is an excellent way to relax while comfortably spending time outdoors.

Car Accommodations

If you own a car and have to make a daily commute, your car can be one of the hottest places during the summer months. Coming out of a cool, air conditioned building and getting into a car that has been sitting in the sun for hours is not usually the best part of your day. To combat the overheated car, search for a Tallahassee apartment that has a carport or garage. This will keep your car out of direct sunlight and make your drive bearable. If you are not a driver and use public transportation, consider an apartment near public transportation. This way you don't have to walk a long way in the rain or sun to get to a bus stop.  

Rainy season

Florida is a tropical state meaning that there are relatively warm temperatures for most of the year. You're also located next to an ocean, which can create a change in weather circumstances during hurricane season. Hurricane seasons are different each year and we don't always know what part of Florida will see the worst of it. Technically, hurricane season begins in June and can end around November. While searching for an apartment in Tallahassee, inquire how apartments in the area have been affected during past hurricane seasons. It's important that Florida residents learn how to prepare for hurricane season in Florida.  

You will experience quite a change in weather moving from the North to Tallahassee. If you enjoy warm, tropical weather then you've made an excellent choice for relocation. An air conditioned apartment with ceiling fans, a carport/garage and hurricane preparedness are great tools to make yourself more comfortable in this new climate. Best wishes to you as you relocate to the Sunshine State!

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