As an artist and incoming FAMU student, I’m interested in exploring Tallahassee’s unique, local art. Where should I go to find some eye-catching street art in the area?

As an artist interested in street art, your Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University apartment is in the perfect location to enjoy some of the city's most beautiful street art. Tallahassee has actually made a conscious effort to promote and preserve street art in various areas. It is believed that the art gives the city a unique sense of place and character. Whether you're going to sightsee or take photos for your social media, check out some of the area's best spots for street art below.

Gaines Street

When someone says street art your first thought might be to look for murals on buildings or on sidewalk spaces. However, Tallahassee's Gaines Street Art Alley encompasses that and more. In 2016, city officials unveiled a plan to bring street art to the Gaines Street Alley. The alley is a historic location, dating back to the 20th century, that the city decided to transform into an ongoing outdoor art experience to highlight, connect and support local artists. In addition to the art, there is a community garden to keep the area aesthetically pleasing. FAMU apartments in Northwest Tallahassee will have a bird's-eye view of Tallahassee's best street art.

Railroad Ave

Railroad Square Art Park is another location for a mixture of street art, small businesses and other art galleries. Apartments near FAMU are in the perfect location for easy access to Railroad Square Art Park. There are over 50 studios, galleries and small shops all showcasing the local art community. The large murals are among the favorite attractions with the locals featuring ‘The Good Vibes Only' mural with a large painting of Jimi Hendrix, ‘The World Peace Mural' and a piece titled ‘To Co Exist', which highlights the beauty of our differences. All of Railroad Ave is peppered with buildings adorned with art. The visual is astounding, whether for photos or to simply admire the art. While you're in the area, feel free to enjoy food and drinks from one of the bars or cafes along Railroad Avenue.

All Saints Street

All Saints Street is another area to find great murals and other street art. Here, you'll find a tribute to Albert Einstein, a beautiful landscape mural on a large wall behind the All Saints Cafe. Another piece of art that may be of interest is located at the intersection of All Saints and St. Michaels. The piece is without a name but holds a unique place in the art community. This is a collaborative piece between various local artists who take turns adding to it. This wall may look different at any time one chooses to visit it, as the artists update it periodically. This piece is located just near the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University campus and would be easy access from your FAMU apartment.

You can check out this map of Tallahassee's street art and pick a few locations to visit. You can see everything from sculptures like Harry McDaniel's ‘Pigmented Cement' to pieces like ‘Ballerina', by an unknown artist but considered very valuable to the city's culture. Tallahassee may seem like a small city, but there is much to explore in the way of street art. Get out there and explore the art scene!
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