What is the difference between having washer and dryer connections in apartments?

Apartments can come with exciting amenity packages, both inside the unit and within the community. When choosing the amenities that work best with your lifestyle, it is important to understand certain keywords and standard phrases for apartment hunting filters. Having a clean set of clothes is a top priority for residents who want to look their best throughout the school year or at a new job. Throughout your search on our site, you may have noticed that some Tallahassee apartments and apartments near FSU  have "washer and dryer connections" while others have "on-site laundry facilities" or both. It is important to understand the difference between these amenities so that you can plan accordingly for your move to a new apartment.

If a community states that they offer "washer and dryer connections" only, this means that the unit does not come with a washer and dryer. However, you are able to bring your own washer and dryer and set it up easily inside your new place. Some residents prefer certain brands and types of appliances, so they will search for apartment that do not include these appliances but offer appliance connections instead. If you already have your own appliances or plan to purchase them for your apartment, this amenity is a good choice for you. Need some helping choosing the right washing machine? Good Housekeeping has you covered on making the choice between top or front loading washers.

Some apartments may offer "on-site laundry facilities" in place of or in addition to these washer and dryer connections. This means that you have access to a laundry room inside your community just a few feet away from your unit. If you do not want the hassle of buying or transporting appliance but still want to have convenient access to laundry facilities, this type of community will be ideal for you. This saves you the hassle of packing up your clothes and driving to an external location. If you plan on using the on-site laundry facilities, remember to be courteous to your neighbors and remove your loads in a timely manner, ensuring that you did not leave any items or trash behind. It can be easy to lose a sock or tank top if you do not properly check the dryer before you leave. The laundry rooms is also a great place to meet your new neighbors while loading the washer or waiting for your clothes to try.

A third options is to find apartments with washers and dryers included in the unit. These apartments may also have on-site laundry facilities or units with just washer and dryer connections. If you're looking for a student apartment, rest easy - most of the student apartments in Tallahassee include a washer and dryer in the common area that is shared amongst the apartment roommates. Contact your leasing office to request the type of unit you are looking for if all of these options are available. We can help you schedule an in-person visit to any of our communities – just navigate to the community page and select the "schedule a tour" tab on the main page.

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