What is it like to live in the FAMU student area of Tallahassee if I am not a student?

The Tallahassee area is an exciting place to live with a lot going on, especially in the Southwest student district of the city. Aside from hosting several state Universities and the Capitol building, the city of Tallahassee offers its residents plenty of metropolitan quarters, suburbs, recreational parks and handfuls of entertainment.

Many argue that living in FAMU apartments in the Southwest student district is quite different from other parts throughout the Capital city. Although this neighborhood does consist of a fair blend of suburbia and urban flair, this community does foster a different feel than the remaining city.

Generally speaking, Tallahassee is a pretty diverse region having just over 20% of the population being deemed as Florida natives. As a result of two popular state universities being located in the area, many proudly travel from around the world to become a part of the student action. Leon County is also known to be one of the most educated city's I the state of Florida. Nearly 50% of the population earned a bachelor's, Master's or doctorate degree. That being said, surely you can guess that the student living area to be quite lively.

FAMU apartments in this district may also be designed quite differently than the surrounding neighborhoods. Apartments in Southwest Tallahassee are designed with the student in mind. Most of these communities offer student-housing floor plans consisting of separate bedrooms and shared living spaces. Additionally, these properties also contain twenty-four hour business centers, resort styled swimming pools and plenty of parking. However, parking does tend to fill up quickly in this area. Rent prices are also on the lower end than the other in other areas of Leon County such as downtown Tally.

If you are not a student but want to live in this neighborhood, keep in mind that some of the complexes may be restricted to students only. However, there are plenty of apartments near FAMU that are open to anyone and everyone. If you plan on living in this district, know that your neighbors may tend to be younger, louder and up at all hours of the day. This part of town is definitely filled with entertainment in the forms of bars, restaurants and even in home gatherings. The upside to living here is having close access to the schools, lots of public transportation and nightlife just at your fingertips.

If you are hoping to have a little more privacy than parts of this district can offer, try looking for places just outside of the school zone in parts of Midtown and Thomasville. These places still have the easy access to local bars while allowing residents to enjoy a sense of suburbia.

Overall, not being a student may not affect your experience in the student area of the city. Many students of all ages come and go throughout the years. As long as you are ok with the student entertainment that follows the college population, you should not have a problem.


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