How do I know where I should live?

When first determining where the perfect area of a city may be for you to call home, you may quickly come to realize how difficult it may be to gauge each part of town. When relocated to a foreign city, learning and understanding about a city unvisited may seem like a daunting task. However, being the Capital city of Florida, Tallahassee has become an easily recognized and searchable city.

Tallahassee is most notably reputed for its collegiate population and governmental opportunities. This small town reveals its southern roots throughout the town, providing red brick pathways, narrow streets, and inviting suburbs. History and traditional are one of Tallahassee's most distinguishable qualities, creating a humble atmosphere throughout its perimeters.

There are several districts throughout the city where one can search for Tallahassee apartments. The most known districts are Southwest, Northeast, downtown and midtown. If you are one of those who dislike searching for Tallahassee apartments, do not worry, selecting a neighborhood in this region is quite simple.

Although each community in the city has a different set of characteristics and benefits to offer, there are many similarities in these areas. First, most parts of town have a wide variety of Tallahassee apartments. Meaning, you have a selection of one bedroom lofts, student-styled units, luxury apartments and so on. Rent can vary depending on which community you prefer to live in. Traffic is equally dispersed throughout town with the exception of football and neighborhoods are just minutes apart from each other. However, the major distinction between each neighborhood lies in the surrounding environment.

For example, Southwest Tallahassee is known as the city's college district. Both FAMY and FSU reside in this location, attracting students by the dozen. Many apartments near Tallahassee in this district are catered to student living and offer very affordable rent prices. Residents in Southwest Tally may be younger, undergraduate students looking forward to experiencing the college life.

In contrast, the Northwest part of town is a common living area for graduates, families and retirees. Canopy trees surround this residential space as well as grocery stores, a hospital and park. Properties do range from very affordable to pricy and it is all based upon your preference for living.

Downtown is known as the business district. Like most cities, the downtown area is home to more upscale living areas and modern architecture within its historic landmarks. There may be slightly more traffic in downtown. However, this should not be a problem, especially if you work in the area.

Midtown is a perfect blend of Southwest, Northwest Tally and Downtown. Midtown has several bars, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques while proving a suburbia atmosphere that welcomes nearly all ages.

Overall, the Capital city has several different neighborhoods to consider when moving to the area. From college life to family friendly, it is almost a no brainer when searching for a new place to live. If you are uncertain as to which community is best for you, it may be worth checking out midtown which seems to be a great compromising mix of Tallahassee.


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