What are some tips for spring cleaning my Tallahassee apartment?

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The Domain understands that having a washer and dryer in your apartment can save you the headache of taking your dirty belongings to a laundromat, making spring cleaning a breeze.

Spring cleaning your Tallahassee apartment can be a daunting task. It is the annual cleansing ritual performed after the long dreary winter season, and after months of being stuck inside more than the usual amount of dust and clutter can build up. Sure, in Florida the winter isn't too bad (compared to up north) but you still find yourself yearning to stretch those tired muscles and tidy up your home. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a fun way to recharge and prepare for a busy year- you just have to acquire the right mindset.

Open up the windows

You would be amazed at what a difference opening your apartment's windows can make. This simple task can revitalize your home by casting out the stagnant feelings of winter and bring some of the long lost outside in. Allow the natural light and fresh air to fill your home and refresh your soul. If you have a garden apartment, you can add some extra outdoor square footage to your apartment by leaving your patio doors open. Also, if you are sensitive to the smell of cleaning products having an open breeze blowing through your house will keep unpleasant chemical odors at bay, preventing your allergies from flaring due to that sometimes overwhelming mixture of bleach and dust.

Wash everything

Now is the time to take full advantage of your Tallahassee apartment's washer and dryer. Spring cleaning is probably the only time of the year where I wash everything in my house from curtains to pillows to throw blankets. It is always a good idea to clean all of your winter clothes and blankets before putting them into storage, and doing this can prolong the lifespan of your items. Also, taking the time to launder less frequently cleaned items such as curtains can give you the prime opportunity to clean your windows and windowsills. I would also highly recommend washing your pillows if you do not already do so. Pillows are often times overlooked, and while seemingly innocent they can actually be quite dirty.

Use your storage space

Apartments, especially older ones, often lack quality storage space. Small closets, lots of roommates, and no basement/attic generally lead to messy, unorganized living spaces. Spring is a time for renewal and letting go, which is why deep cleaning and springtime go hand-in-hand. While you are in the midst of packing away your sweaters, beanies, and scarves, and unpacking your tank tops, shorts and flip-flops, take the time to look at each item and value its worth. Did you wear that jacket at all last winter? Maybe it is time to donate it so someone else can enjoy it. Likewise, if you are holding onto the same pair of sandals you keep telling yourself you will wear one day, consider giving them to a friend. You can organize your closet perfectly, but at the end of the day you can't add space to it. What you can do is utilize it to the best of its capabilities and then make some tough choices about what stays and what goes. If you find purging difficult, you may want to look for apartments near Tallahassee with storage space. This will give you the added space you desire as well as peace of mind.

As with most things in life, approaching spring cleaning with a good attitude will result in a better outcome. Tidying up can be fun, and it's a great way to step into the busier part of the year. Summer and fall are fast approaching, so take this time to set yourself up nicely for the rest of the year.

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