How can I maximize the space in my tiny FSU apartment?

College apartments are not known for their spaciousness, especially apartments near FSU. When you're unloading the car/truck/van, watching the boxes pile up into mountains and realizing that you have more stuff than you have space, it can become incredibly overwhelming. It takes a lot of skill and practice to be able to fit a lot of stuff into one tiny space. Luckily for you, somebody else has already figured it out.

Tiny Bedrooms

A lot of people seem to think that a smaller bedroom means that you need smaller furniture, but that's not necessarily the case. Several smaller pieces will end up causing the space to appear more cluttered rather than specious. It's better to have a few statement, functional pieces; a nice bedframe (Additional tip: Try to find one with storage underneath!), a cute nightstand, and a tall chest of drawers for your clothes. You'll end up having more floor space while also having plenty of storage. The key is to find pieces that you can store things in or on top of to maximize the space's usage, and you'll have your FSU apartment looking huge!

Small Bathrooms

My bathroom is so tiny that it's more of a closet than a bathroom. However, there are several easy ways to maximize the space so that getting ready in the morning isn't a huge hassle. One of those ways is to use your toiletries as decoration; all you need are a few mason jars to put things like Q-tips, cotton pads, flossers, etc. in. Another tip when you have next to no counter space is to get a caddy of shelves to place between your toilet and sink, or in the corner. I have one, and it has been incredibly helpful when it comes to organizing things like hair products and skin care products when I just don't have the room.

Claustrophobic Living Rooms

There are plenty of ways to make a small living room seem bigger. Much like the bedroom, it's always better to have a few small, functional pieces of furniture rather than clutter your FSU apartment with several small ones. Try to find a couch with multiple uses, such as one with storage underneath or one that has a pullout bed for when you have guests. Something incredibly useful that I got recently – and that can be used in furnished apartments as well – was an ottoman that we can sit on and also store our miscellaneous stuff inside of. Another tip for the road: Try trading your bulky lamps on top of side tables for tall, skinny ones in the corner, that way you have more space!

Mini Kitchens

Our kitchen is incredibly tiny, and definitely is not big enough for three people (me and my two roommates) to inhabit. Not to mention we don't have a pantry or anything, so we all have to share what little cabinet space we have for our food. Maximizing the space in a tiny kitchen is a difficult obstacle, but all you need are a few tips and tricks. One thing that I found useful was finding pretty vases to keep utensils (spatulas, ladles, whisks, etc.) in, that way it frees up drawer space and decorates the counters, without looking cluttered. Hooks are also incredibly helpful when it comes to things like over mitts, dish towels, measuring cups, etc. Basically, the best way to maximize the space in your kitchen is to just keep things incredibly organized.

Little Closets

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a cramped closet. I tend to use my closet not only for my clothes, but also for my shoes and storage. The best thing that helped me was getting one of those hanging shoe organizers to free up the floor space and make it easier for me to find the shoes I'm looking for. If you have any shelving space above your clothing racks, a good way to organize is to get small baskets and label them with the things you want to keep in them: Scarves, belts, socks, etc. It's an easy way to keep everything in one place without taking up a lot of room.

See? A small, FSU apartment doesn't have to feel cramped, claustrophobic, or…well, small. With a few decorating and storage tips, you can make any space feel roomy and comfortable. And remember, if you ever need a quick way to make a small room look bigger: Mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors!

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