I love my spa days. How can I spruce up the bathroom in my Tallahassee apartment to maximize my relaxation?

Moving from the dorms located on my college campus into my new apartment, I was so excited to finally get my own private bathroom and to finally have a bathtub again – with utilities included. I had not been able to take a bath since moving to college, and I, too, love my spa days. Of course, living in a cheap Tallahassee apartment, our bathrooms are pretty tiny and don't exactly have the "luxurious" feeling to them. But I found a few ways to bring the spa to your own home.

Lush Towels

Nothing feels like luxurious more than a nice, lush towel. You don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on expensive name-brands to achieve this; just go to any discount home store or Bed Bath and Beyond and find the fluffiest, softest towels within your price range. Wrapping yourself in one of these will instantly make you feel like you're sitting in a spa even in your tiny apartment in Tallahassee and finding the right color will automatically make the perfect decoration to achieve a cozy, relaxing look.

Add Flowers and Candles

Adding flowers and candles to any Tallahassee apartment will instantly give a relaxing, luxurious ambience to your bathroom. The flicker of a nice, aromatic candle reflecting off of the soft petals of some flowers provides the perfect atmosphere to relax in your home-made spa in your nice, quiet apartment.

Relaxing Aroma

One of the number one ways of making a space feel more relaxing is to create a relaxing aroma. That can mean getting an essential oil diffuser – I would recommend oils such as lavender and chamomile to instantly relax – lighting the candles I mentioned above, or lighting incense sticks. Just pick whichever method is your favorite and pick some nice scents that remind you of a spa and that lull you into a nice, relaxed state. If you want to carry that feeling to the rest of your Tallahassee apartment, you can put those scents in other rooms as well!

Decorate with Bath Products

You can't have a spa without some nice bath bombs or bath salts. The best part of these products is that they have more than one use – they also make great decoration! Just something as simple as finding a cute bowl to display your bath bombs in, or a nice jar for your bath salts can add an instant feeling of luxury to your bathroom. They make for super cute decoration and seeing them on display will remind you to use them (and not just let them sit around like I do).

Simple Upgrades

Overall, you don't need anything huge to add a nice, relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom – and even your entire Tallahassee apartment. Whether you're on a budge or your lease just prohibits you from making too many changes to your apartment, you don't need to blow your paycheck on complicated upgrades. Small things like switching out for a cute soap dispenser, adding a small shelf for storage, or adding decoration around your mirror can make that small space feel custom and relaxing.

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